Weigh station, air bladder…ect

My after hours cell phone number 903-850-1514  My phone number has changed since the first of the year.

If you have a fish you need weighed (certified scales to 25lbs, working on getting IGFA certified for scales that exceed 200lbs) after hours feel free to call my cell phone number anytime.  I can print the paper work at the store and fill it out on site most of the time.

If you have a largemouth that has an inflated air bladder I can meet you at almost any ramp on the lake or open up the marina and keep the fish over night.

I’m in need of a new largemouth bass for a pet, if you catch a bass exceeding 10lbs in good shape (no one eyed fugly fish please) and would like to donate it for 6 months or so you are more than welcome to contact me.  I always return the bass to the lake within a year and add weight to them. 

I always get a few phone calls on my cellphone late at night… people asking if I have a certain bait in stock or asking about reservations.  I don’t have access to my reservation computer or know every bait I have in stock off hand.


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