John Tanner Lake Fork Report

This week here at the great Lake Fork fishing has been great! We have been catching big numbers as the bass get big into the summer patterns. The deep bite had been the way to go for us during the day unless you get out way early and hit a few on topwaters over the many weed beds along the main lake points. The lake level is still at full pool and the water temps are running in the low to mid 80’s. Most of the bass we have been catching have been in deep water along the main lake humps and points. Lake Fork is known for its deep water structure fishing and right now is a great time to do it. The past few days we have been catching them of off structure that tops out in 23 to 26 ft of water. I have been locating the bigger schools on the drop offs on the deeper side of the hump or point. If there is some brush or timber on the structure, that makes it even better. I am not saying you can go to any main lake hump or point and catch a ton of fish. You have to find an area that is holding fish with your Lowrance unit. Once you find a school of bass that is bunched up and close to or on the bottom you are in business. The best rigs for us so far this week have been a carolina rig rigged on a 7 ½ foot All Star Platinum Series rod in the heavy action. On the All Star I have a ABU Garcia Revo STX reel with the 7.1 gear ratio spooled with 15 pound Berkley Trilene 100% flouro carbon line. The reason I like the faster gear ratio on my deep fishing is so you can take up more line quickly as the fish tries to come up and jump. You can keep up with them and not loose them as much. A bass can put a ton of slack in your line as he rushes to surface from the deep water and tries to jump to throw your lure. This reel will help you in that department. I love the Revo Reels and cant believe how far you can throw a Carolina rig with them, they are amazing..  On the business end of the Carolina rig we have been using a ¾ ounce Tru Tungsten flipping weight along with a 4 foot leader and a 3/0 Mustad wide gap hook. As for the bait I have been having great success with the Berkley Power Bait using the 5” Wacky Crawlers, Fat Dover crawlers and of course the 4” power hogs. These things catch fish like crazy! I have also been doing well on a drop shot with the wacky crawlers as well as the ole stand by the 10”inch Berkley Power worm in blue fleck or plum colors using a ½ ounce Tru Tungsten weight in matching colors. I like to match the weight color with the worm I am throwing and with the Tru Tungsten you can do that as they offer a lot of different colors in their weights. Yea fish is really kickin here at Lake Fork and the deep bite will be the deal right on through the summer. If you would like to book a trip and see what this deep water fishing is all about or just learn how to better use your electronics give us a ring toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop us a line at Or for more booking info go to the trip info section. Also be sure to click on all of the pages of the photo section for a look at some happy folks holding their Lake Fork giants. While you are here be sure to drop by our local Ranger Boat dealer Diamond Sports Marine. DSM carries a full line of Ranger Boat powered by Yamaha outboards. See Ben Hogan and tell em Tanner sent ya! Speaking of Ranger Boats I will be ordering my 2010 model soon. If you are interested in saving some serious bucks on your next rig give me a call or drop me an email. My 09 is going to its new home and it is time to order the next dream machine. Remember be safe out there, wear your life jackets and stay hydrated. Summer time fishing is a blast!

Please pray for my Mother as she is still fighting to come home. She has been in rehab for a long time now but her faith is amazing and keeps her going. Please keep lifting her up. She has told me to tell all of you who are keeping her on your prayer list that she thanks you very much. It means a lot to her. Also pray for our country, its leaders and our armed forces and their families. Also please pray for Freddie over at Lake Fork Marina as he begins his cancer treatments. Many Thanks and God Bless 
Read Psalm 31:24  


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