Richie White July 2nd Report

This summer, the night bite has been real good around the moons. I had my first night trip on June 3 (just before the waxing full moon) and we had 20 fish trips most nights until the moon got below 1/2. Then the bite really slowed down. Fortunately, we’ve managed to get 6-8 pound fish every night – even on the slow nights. But we went from a 20 fish average to about 7. It has slowly started picking back up as the moon has been getting bigger again. Last night, I had a couple of boys who have been fishing with me for several years and they’re getting good. I just put up 8 pictures of them with big fish. I believe all except a couple were over 6 pounds. See our most recent pictures at
For July, the full moon is on Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th. So, we should have a good moon until the middle of the month. For those of you who like to plan, the August full moon is historically good for me. It will be on August 5 and 6, so any time in the first couple of weeks will have a good moon.
Big worms have been best. The bigger the better. We’ve caught more fish on 12″ worms than smaller ones. Even the little fish have been biting the big worms. I expect the smaller worms and craws to be better as the moon continues to get bigger since the moon will help them to find the bait.
The topwater bite has been pretty good for the short time we fished them. I don’t usually fish topwaters until it gets light in the morning, and that bite usually slows down as soon as the sun comes up. If you fish with me at night, I will stay out until sunup if you can hang that long.

I have been doing a blog for Bassmaster for the past several months. I’m doing a series of articles on moon phases for them. I have an agreement with ESPN that they get the exclusive for the first month of publication, but I have permission to put it on my site after that. To get my most recent blog, go to and click on the basslog link. You can read the old articles without a subscription at

This year, (I guess because of the slow economy), I still have some open weekends – which are usually scarce in the summer. So, you may be able to fish with me on short notice. If you’re interested in a night trip, you can see my schedule and book online at

See for my article on night fishing. Also look out for my night fishing segment on the In-Fisherman. We got some big fish on HD video. It already aired a few times, but will re-run the rest of the year. It’s on several television stations.

Check out my new site at
There, you can upload your fish pictures and show them off. You can have people guess the weights, so if you catch a fish and don’t have scales, you can get a pretty good idea of what it weighs by the combined guesses of the fishermen. If you have pictures, try it out. Also, if you want to embed some pictures in a forum you can upload the pictures there and it will give you the link so you can put that URL in the forum. If you want a particular username, you should get it before someone else does.

If you would like to receive my fishing reports by email, go to
All you need is your name and email address. If you are receiving reports by email and wish to discontinue receiving them, simply go to

Good fishing and good luck. You can’t catch them if you don’t go.


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