Lake Fork Crappie Report Guide Terri Moon

Well it’s here- those 90 to 100 degree days…but, don’t give up on the fishing.  We’ve had some pretty good days.  We have just been starting early so we can be off the water before it gets too hot.  One thing I’ve found is that it’s not near as hot when you’re catching fish!  But, if the fishing gets a little slow, it really helps to have some umbrellas rigged up in your boat.  It can make all the difference during these summer months.  Also, don’t forget the sun block and plenty of water.

The next important thing for this time of year is to utilize your depth finder to locate clouds of baitfish.  The crappie will be close by.  Be sure to monitor the depth the fish are moving through at then target these depths with a vertical presentation.  A good bait for tihs has been a Gene Larew “Slab Slayer” in electric chicken or orange/chartreuse.  As the bait falls, use a twitch and pause presentation.

The crappie we’re finding have been in the 15 to 25 ft. depths in 20 to 30 ft. of water.  Check vertical timber and brush piles.  The crappie will tend to scatter this time of year so also check the deep water humps and any dropoffs!

The main piece of advice I can give you is DON’T just hang out in one place all day!  You’ve got to keep moving to have a succesful day of fishing.  What we are finding is that you might get 3 or 4 fish in one spot, then move to the next and pick up another good group.

Now if you’re out there and the crappie just won’t bite, alway shave plan B in mind especially if you have kids on board.  Either take along crickets or night crawlers.  The bream are very active this time of year.  If you are lucky enough to be here around a new or full moon, they will be around the grass and brush in 2 to 6 foot of water…a slip cork is great for this.

As the bream back off the bank target 6 to 15 foot using just a small number 6 hook and aplit shot…and tight line.  This is especially effective around the cross members of the bridges.  You can get a kid hooked for life on these fish! Don’t forget to check aorund docks and big stumps while bream fishing.  Once you find a school of these, there is nothing more exciting!  This is the time of year when if I have a day off, you’ll usually find me out looking for bream.  They have to be my all time favorite fish to catch and eat.  A little cornmeal and salt and you’re good to go!

Another thing to remember is that don’t be surprised when you are fishing with crickets, you never know what you are going to catch!  Big crappie, monster catfish and even bass love crickets!  So hang on tight!

I hope you all have a great summer and a safe 4th of July!  Good fishing!


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