Lance Vick Lake Fork Video Report


Its Hot and the fishing is Hotter on Lake Fork The Deep bite is still on on Fork while numbers are
down a little overall size has been great with 20 to 25 fish a day the standard.My early moring shallow
bite has been poor, still looking every morning but not finding, as soon as it starts getting hot the bite turns on.Fishing points humps pond creek channels are still the deal .Jigs and Texas rig worms have been best .Catching a few schoolies every day to add to the total .Weighted hook with shad color soft jerkbaits wacking the schoolies. These days are not just coming easy we are putting in time and effort thru some heat to make some killer days.Good fishing to all
Mark with a Jig fish
Mega Tail Rattle Snake
Mega Tail Rattle Snake
T-Rig Diamondback Rattlesnake
Black Angel Jig
Black Angel Jig
Mega Tail Rattlesnake
Jig fish
Mega Tail Rattlesnake
Double Black Angel JIg


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