Chris Sinkey Report 7-16-2009


Hot, Hot, Hot! The temps the last two weeks have just be out of this world with almsot each day reaching 100+ degrees. Not only has the weather been hot, but the fishing has been hot as well. I have been starting most days off shallower around creek channels in about 10 to 12 ft. of water. Then as the day heats up, Im moving out to deeper water fishing structure.
Most days have been averaging 20 to 30 fish with some good solid slot fish mixed in.
I have been starting off in flats off creek channels with grass and timber in that area. The key in these areas is to tie the boat up and throw a Texas rigged worm and let it soak. The fish will basically pick it up an take off with it. We have been fishing these areas with new Grandebass Megatail Worm in Watermelon Red. This worm is going to be the new standard in worm fishing. Just make your long cast, pop it back a few times, and let it sit. Most bites have been VERY noticable. Somewill just pick it up and slowly swim off, and some nearly take the rod out of your hand. This has been a great way to start and end my days out there.
After the sun gets up, and things start to heat up a bit, Im heading out to deeper water and fishing anywhere from 15 to 35 ft. on deep structure such as roadbeds, humps, and ridges. There are three baits Im keeping close by for this. First, is a Carolina Rig with a 1 oz. weight and either a Grandebass Rattlesnake in Watermelon/Chart. or a Mutant in Watermelon Red. Each day has been different on which bait they want. The Second, is a 3/4 oz. Black Angel Football head Jig in Watermelon Candy and Pimp Juice. Im not catching a ton on the jig, but the bites I have gotten have been very solid fish. Third is both a Spoon, and a deep diving Crankbait for the suspended fish.
Reading your graph can be very important when fishing out deep. You want go over the structure, look, and see if the fish are bunched up feeding, and how they are relating to the structure. Once I find a good school of fish feeding, Ill drop a bouy on them and turn around fish for them with the Carolina Rig. This can really load the boat quick. This last Friday, we hit a roadbed and caught 22 fish off it in less than an hour. So the action can really be hot when you find the righ school. If the structure Im fishing has alot of timber around it, I will go with the Black Angel Jig or a Texas Rigged Worm. Make long cast and crawl that bait thru the timber popping it every now and then. This has also put some very good fish in the boat as well.
I have spent some time out night fishing as well. The pattern I have found to hold true has been fishing lighted docks with brush around them. On these, I have been throwing a 1/4 oz. Texas rigged Worm, either a 10 in. Black and Blue Fleck Berkley Power Worm or the Grandebass Megatail. Now we havent been catching a ton of fish at night, normally only getting about 4 bits in a 2 hour span, but they have been between the 4 to 7 lbs. range.
I had the pleasure this last weekend to have Kyle and Nick in the boat with me and both were able to catch their personal best fish along with numerous others.
Ithink sometimes we all forget about what we do out there, and passing this sport around and letting people share what we get to do every weekend is a great experience.
Here are just a few pics from this last weekend:

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