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James Caldemeyer Lake Fork Report August 2009

August 27, 2009

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Report

Submitted August 27, 2009

By Guide James Caldemeyer

August has been an up and down month for bass fishing on Lake Fork this year. This is fairly common for this time of year but combined with the lake levels being higher than usual it has kept anglers, including myself, in suspense from day to day as to how well the fish will bite. On my recent trips over the past 2-3 weeks we have managed to catch 10-12 a day and on others 25-30. The quality of the fish we have been catching has been just as unpredictable as well. You can just as easily catch a big bass in the same areas we are catching small to medium slot fish. Not to be discouraged though! Better quality bass and more predictable fish activity is fast approaching. As we head into September and the fish start moving into their early fall patterns, the fishing and the lake will change dramatically.

Lake Fork is still in great shape and sitting at 402.71 about 3” low. There are plenty of areas to find great grass especially with the lake being higher for this year and the water clarity in most spots is pretty clear. There are some areas that have been getting stained by wind but I always try to move to the clearest water I can find from this time of the year through fall. Pay close attention to the water clarity as September progresses. The lake will be turning over before long depending on how quickly the air temperatures start cooling the water. Staying away from that nasty “sludge” water and keying on the clearer stuff will improve the likelihood of getting bit. Right now water temperatures are maintaining mid to upper 80’s on most days and reaching low 90’s in some areas on the real HOT days.

The top water bite is starting to show some signs of life but it’s a day to day thing. Cloudy cooler mornings have been most productive with a longer window of opportunity. On the warmer nights and the sun shining bright at the crack of dawn the bite has been brief. I always keep a top water frog like a Berkley 4” Kicker Frog or SPRO Frog tied on and give it a toss over matted grass, lily pads, and submerged grass beds in 2-6 feet of water. On the mornings they haven’t wanted the frog offering, the buzz bait, yellow magic or chug bugs in shad patterns have done well in its place. Fishing a wacky or Texas rigged 7” Shaky and 7” or 10” Power Worm in these same areas has produced well also when the top water bite quits. Best colors have been blue fleck, watermelon red and green pumpkin. Most of the areas that I have been fishing are main lake and secondary points at the mouths of the major creeks although there are areas further back that the fish will start stacking up in the creek bends in 10-14 ft. Middle running cranks and rattle traps in chrome or shad patterns are good for targeting these bass when you find them schooling in the creeks. This pattern will continually improve as shad start migrating to the backs of the creeks.

Deep structure fishing has been hit and miss right now also. The bass are in smaller groups in most places and moving around with suspended schools of shad a lot but there again expect things to get better in the near future and become more predictable as September gets rolling. Deep humps, points, roadbeds, pond dams, and ridges in 18-28 are good deep water areas to focus your attention. Using your graph to locate these groups of fish and paying attention to how they are relating in the water column is critical in determining bait selection. I have been using a several different baits to target these deep schools of bass once I’ve found them. The Carolina rig is my first choice. A good sensitive 7’-7’6” med. Heavy to heavy rod like an All Star ASR Series is great along with a Revo reel spooled up with 20 lb Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. Tie on a 1 oz tungsten weight, bead, and swivel to the main line then cut a piece of leader line ( I like to use 15-17 lb Trilene 100%) and tie on a 2/0 or 3/0 wide gap hook. The leader length can vary but generally I use one that is 4-5 foot long for deep fishing. Best baits for me have been Berkley 5” Wacky Crawler, Slim Shaky worm, 4” Power Hawg, or 7” Power worm. Good colors in these baits are watermelon red, green pumpkin, blue fleck, and red shad. The jig is catching its share of fish right now too. I use a 3/4 oz Talon football head jig the majority of the time out in deep water but have implemented their “new” 5/8 oz size into the mix as it targets the mid depth areas of 10-16 ft. better without hanging up as much around the brush and timber. My favorite colors are Willies Weed, California 420, Texas Craw, Bama Bug, and Watermelon Candy. For the suspended schooling fish that are concentrated and moving with schools of shad, I have been catching them on a number of different baits. Deep crank baits, zara spooks, weighted flukes, big spoons, rattle traps, and swim baits have all done well. Look for fish to periodically start schooling on any deep areas that you are fishing and keep one of these baits close by to toss at them. You can also look for large numbers of fish to get active schooling around any of the major bridges on the lake. Don’t count this out as a big fish pattern either because as we get into fall there will be some quite a few big mamas hanging around the bridge pilings.

If you are headed out to Lake Fork for the Mc Donald’s Big Bass Splash, some late summer fishing, or would like to book a fall trip, I still have a few dates available. Feel free to contact me by email at or you can reach me by phone at (903)736-9888. You can also visit my website at to find more information about fishing Lake Fork. While you are in the Lake Fork area, be sure to go by Diamond Sports Marine on Hwy 154 and check out the new 2010 model Ranger Boats and ask Ben Hogan about the others that will be arriving soon. These new boats are getting better every year and for 2010 Ranger has added the new Z521 Comanche to their line of fishing machines! I would also like to thank all my sponsors for their support: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, “I AM SECOND”, Berkley, Abu Garcia, All Star, Interstate Batteries, Oakley Sunglasses, KVD Line &Lure Conditioner, BTS Protectant, Navionics, Talon Lures, Sure Life and to my Lord and Savior for His forgiveness through His blood on the cross!

Read James 1:12

Tight Lines and God Bless,

James Caldemeyer


August Lake Fork Report Guide Lance Vick

August 24, 2009

Carl Jocumsen, Australia’s 2008 Bass Classic Champ and AOY and Josh Batterson the Skeeter Boss in Austrailia give us a Aussy Lake Fork report From their Skeeter trip of a Lifetime to the USA

Check it out here
Lake Fork is about a foot low, Water temps around 85 to 89
Fishing has been OK to good, Numbers have improved this week
12 fish has been the average and 30 fish to be a really good day, catching some nice fish up to around 7 plus pounds but nothing better that lately .
The shallow bite has been ok early on topwater buzz frogs, texas rig worms and weightless flukes,The rest of the day has been a little of everything ,drop shot,shakey head ,carolina rig,football head jig,chatter bait,crankbait and a few dropping fish.
The Fish have shifted to shallower water around grass on points, creek channels in the backs of the creeks.During Sept the water in the Lake changes quite
a bit with the turn over so watch the water color in the area your fishing, brown water could mean it is turning and the fish may be hard to catch .The green water is where we are catching fish,during this time frame of the year its seems whats works today in a area will not work the next day,so it takes
a lot more work to stay up with the fish changing techniques often and locations .With the wind today we caught two six pounds throwing chatter baits down windy grass lines.As sept grows the moving baits like chatterbaits, small crankbaits should start pulling thier weight on winder days .On calm days the top water poppers and fluke type baits, wacky rigs and texas rigs will be my go to lures.
Good fishing to everyone, and please be safe during the Mcdonalds tournament this Sept no tourament is as important our fishing family

Guide James Henderson Lake Fork Report August 2009

August 19, 2009

James Henderson


phone: (214) 864-2469

James Henderson Guide Service

Well its getting towards the end of August and the lake is in great
shape. I can’t recall a summer were we had this many cool fronts and as
much rain as we have had. The fishing has been up and down for the most
part with numbers between 20 and 35 with fish up to 10 lbs still being
caught. The deep bite has been real inconsistent and the better bite has
been shallow. A lot of people are having a tough time, and its due mainly
to trying to make what works at this time of the year normaly work now.
With cooler temps and rain the lake is fishing a little different than

Lake Conditions:

The lake is currently at full pool and the gates at the dam should stay
shut for a while now. Water surface temps are in the mid 80’s but should
be rising in the next few weeks. There is hydrilla , coontail, milfoil,
and lillypads in abundance all around the lake so you can fish whatever
type of vegetation you like. Water clarity is excellent, heavily stained
in some areas and clearing as you move up the lake toward the dam.


I have had one of the best shallow bites for this time of the year that I
can ever recall, not a whole lot of fish but just some big toads. I don’t
know how much longer this bite will last if the temps rise, but areas
near the spawn flats have produced fish up to 10 lbs. ever since July.
The fish have been moving in and out of the areas along ditches and
creeks and have been very aggressive, most bites have been bone jarring
when they hit. At night I key mainly along the the ditches and creeks and
move up onto the flats by morning. Later in the day ,moving to secondary
points near these areas and fishing the outside edges of the grass have
been working. by mid day, I usually move out to main lake points and
humps, but the bites are pretty tough by then.


At night I have been using big worms on Texas rigs in black/blue fleck.
Also as well, a drop shot can be used especially around lighted dock
areas. During the mornings I have been throwing Frogs over the thickest,
densist grass, or slop I can find. Be sure you have heavy braid tied on
for this and a heavy rod. When pulling big fish out of this stuff you
need to gear up. When you get hit, be sure and give it a second or two
before you set the hook. And believe me, its easier said than done when a
fish throws water 4 ft. into the air. When doing this you do have to
cover a lot of water , but it can be very rewarding when you get the
right spot. As the sun rises, I will work the circus rig in and around
the grass and catch good fish as well. On the deeper presentations, using
standard drop shot rigs, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs, are all working
eaqually well. I prefer the Carolina rig for covering water when
searching ,and a Texas rig for flipping at specific structures.


I have a lot of openings available at this time ,and the Mcdonalds tourney
is right around the corner, so now is the time to start booking your
trips. I helped a lot of guys cash checks last year, including one in the
overall running for big bass, who finished in the top 5, so let me hear
from you if your interested in a trip for prefishing of for fun.

Good Luck and Be Safe!

Lake Fork Guide Clint Wright August Report

August 18, 2009

August 2009
Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service
Lake Fork Report:

Hello fellow anglers and welcome to Lake Fork. August is always a busy month here at the lake. Most anglers will be fishing the first 4 hours of a day, last 4 hours of a day and throughout the entire night. It is a given that the middle of the day is very brutal on most hot August days. Last month, I gave some tips on beating the heat. Once again, I want to reiterate much of this information. It is very important to always have plenty of bottled water on ice, sunscreen, sunglasses (Costa Del Mar’s are hard to beat), hat and a cell phone. For your night fishing trips bring some bug spray, several flashlights and a spotlight in addition to your day time checklist. These items will help make your day and night much more enjoyable. It is no secret that my favorite trips during the summer are at night. The air temperature is usually in the mid to upper 70’s and the wind is usually just a slight breeze. But, the weather is not the only reason we go hunting for monster bass under the cover of darkness. Night fishing brings upon a level of suspense which is much higher than that of fishing during the day. Many times when an angler hooks up with a quality bass, they have no idea if it weighs 7 pounds or 12 pounds until it is on board. I had the opportunity to fish with the owner of Grande Bass Bait Company this past week, Jerry Shinn. Jerry brought with him a few prototype baits, one called the Mega Tail worm that will be hitting the shelves mid to end of August. Let me tell you folks, this worm is going to blow your mind. The realistic colors, action and detail of this worm are unmatched and you have never seen anything like it before. He also had a few more baits under the Mega series that will be coming out shortly after the new worm. I brought this new worm up for one main reason, and it is to use it when night fishing. Of course it is going to be great during the day, but the action of this new tail is going to drive the night fish nuts. I will be rigging the worm up on a standard Texas Rig for night fishing. The size of the bullet weight will depend on the wind, depth and cover. I like to use as light as I can get away with. A 4/0 long shank off set hook should provide enough length to decrease short strikes that are common with worm fishing at night. Pair all of this up with a Custom Angle Rod, built here at Lake Fork and you will be ready to go Hawg Hunting!! I’ve also started using the all new jigs from Black Angel Jig Company. This jig company has a wide variety of styles and the best jig colors on the market today. Lake Fork bass eat jigs year around. I’ll have one of these tied on at all times this month. Deep or shallow, they will get you bit. Try one on a Custom Angle 7 foot heavy action rod and hold on tight!! Toward the end of August, I will start trending most of my trips to day trips. The reason is the Thermocline. By mid to late August the waters temperatures have leveled out from day after day of heat. The oxygen begins to deplete in depths greater than 18 foot in some areas and 25 foot in others. The top of the thermocline is a very important key to success in August and September. I like to fish the contour change where it meets the edge of the thermocline. These areas can be found on just about any hump, ledge, point and pond dam on the lake. Another pattern an angler might find is schooling fish around the lake. Many timesthe bass will chase schools of threadfin shad to the surface and feed for a while. These fish can be caught on lipless baits, crankbaits and my favorite a weightless Grande Bass Rattlesnake. Take the Rattlesnake and throw it into the middle of the feeding frenzy, let it fall slowly giving it a slight twitch ever so often. This will imitate a dying baitfish and will get you bit. I throw this rig on a Custom
Angle 6’8 medium action rod and your reel should have 12 – 14 lb. fluorocarbon line. The fluorocarbon line will allow the bait to sink more natural. I hope these tips help you catch the bass of your dreams. Please know that I am always here to try and answer any questions you might have. Once again, welcome to Lake Fork and Good Luck Fishing.
Please practice C.P.R. (Catch, Photo, and Release) especially during the hot summer months. The heat will cause the fish to die quickly if not released in a short period of time.

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service uses only professional Lake Fork Guides to ensure your date is available for booking. Corporate and Group trips – no problem. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about Lake Fork or booking information at 903-342-3497. Or visit for more information. References are available upon request.
Lake Fork Day and Night endorses the following sponsors: Custom Angle Rods, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Grande Bass Bait’s, and Sartin Marine.
Tight Lines

Tom Redington Lake Fork Report & Pics: August 17, 2009

August 18, 2009

Zach caught this big one on a Lake Fork Twitch Worm, 7 lb 12 oz.

Dana caught her biggest bass ever on a teaching trip with her husband.

The bass fishing over the past couple of weeks on Lake Fork has been slower than normal. Summertime structure fishing is normally the most consistent bite of the year; however, dramatically fluctuating water levels and temps seem to have slowed the bite and we’re catching lower numbers and not many big fish as of late. It’s still Lake Fork and we’ve had a number of days with 20 or more fish and the average size fish is around 3 lbs most days, but this is well below average in both categories. With the weather turning hotter once again, I expect the bite to get back to normal. In the meantime, I’m running a lot of water looking for a few good schools of fish, then working them over for a long time to get the fish to bite. The key is covering water with the graph until you find a good school, and then having the confidence to stay there and the patience to get those fish to bite.

Looking forward, September & October are always popular months on Fork as the fall tournament season really cranks up. It’s perfect timing for the tournaments too, because the cooling water turns on the fishing in both the shallows and out deep. September-November normally produces our fastest action on Fork for numbers, with lots of keeper sized fish chasing bait in the shallows, while big groups of bass school up out deep. Whether you like topwaters, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits up shallow or fishing with soft plastics and spoons out deeper, fall is a fun time to fish Lake Fork.

For those of you looking for more frequent updates on Lake Fork fishing and my adventures as a Pro on the FLW Tour, check out my Facebook and Twitter sites:

Boat for Sale: My 2009 Ranger Z520 boat is for sale. It is fully loaded, rigged with a 250 HP Mercury Pro XS motor with a 5 year warranty (good until 2014). It’s value priced and will save you about $10,000 off the cost of a new boat. For more details and pics of the boat, please check my website ( or drop me a note.

Lake Conditions: After 10” of rain in a week and quick rise, the lake is back down around full pool again now. The lake level is currently at 402.89’ (about 1” below full pool) and slowly dropping. The water clarity is running about normal, with stained water up north and clear greenish water on the south end. Water temps are on the rise again, reading 86 to 90 degrees in most areas of the main lake. I’m showing the thermocline around 28’, which is about where it normally develops on Fork.

Location Pattern: Although some fish are still shallow relating to the grass, I’m concentrating on schools of fish on offshore structure. Structure like points, humps, channel bends, and roadbeds in 20’ to 33’ continue as my main pattern. Some days these bass are suspended and other days they’re on the bottom. Many of these schools are relating to a few pieces of isolated cover, so watch your depth finder closely for them and make precise casts or you’ll miss these fish.

Presentation Pattern: I’m still using pretty much the same baits I’ve used all summer, but the best technique and lure color changes from day to day, so keep experimenting until you find what they want.. Carolina rigs, drop shots, and Texas rigs are catching bass from schools located near the bottom on deep structure. I’m using Bama bug or red bug 10” Fork Worms or the new 6” Hyper Worm for Texas rigs. Meanwhile, junebug , watermelon candy, or green pumpkin Fork Creatures, Baby Ring Frys, and the new 6” Hyper Lizard with its thumping tail are on the business end of my Carolina rigs. Try these with the new Dobyns Champion Extreme DX744 rod and you’ll feel every little bump, while having plenty of fish fighting power. The DX744 is a lightweight 7’4” rod that is so well balanced it feels like nothing in your hand, yet somehow it delivers enough power to tear big bass away from standing timber down 25’. When the bass are more finicky, drop shots will catch good numbers of slot fish and the occasional big bass, rigged with a junebug, watermelon/red, or red bug Hyper Finesse Worm or Twitch Worm.

I’m trying to keep my baits near the bottom, sometimes a trick on windy days in rough open water. Therefore, I use a big ½ oz sinker on both my Texas rigs and drop shots, while 1 oz is what I use to Carolina rig with. For line, I’ve been using the brand new FluoroHybrid Pro (FHP) line, now available at the Lake Fork Trophy Lures pro shop in Emory. I’m using 12 lb test on a spinning reel for my drop shots and the 20 lb test on bait casters for my TX and Carolina rigs. While their PowerSilk and regular Fluorohybrid lines are perfect for moving baits like cranks and spinnerbaits, the FHP is truly revolutionary. Stronger and lower in stretch than regular FluoroHybrid line, FHP is the first and only line that combines the sensitivity, abrasion resistance, and invisibility of fluorocarbon line with the strength and ease of handling of mono. This innovative line is made with an exclusive co-extruded process instead of a fluorocarbon coating over mono like all of the other hybrids on the market, resulting in its unique characteristics.

When the bass are suspended, Fork Flutter spoons, swimbaits or deep diving crankbaits in shad or yellow bass patterns are working better than the bottom presentations, and catching some lunkers too. The trick with crankbaits is to get them deep, and light line and long casts help you do this. Therefore, I use the 805CB cranking rod from Dobyns, paired with low stretch 12 lb PowerSilk line. With this 8’ rod and the zero memory line, you can whip crankbaits a country mile. For the Flutter Spoons and swimbaits, count them down to the depth of the fish and try to swim your bait slightly above the bass.

Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 (days) or 972-635-6027 (evenings) or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Good Fishing,


Lack of Reports

August 14, 2009

No I have not given up on the report site.  There simply isn’t much to report.

Fishing has been extremely slow and with the exception of weekends…empty as well.

Since August 1st we have only had 3 fish over 7lbs reported, a 8.20 on August 5th, a 7.90 on August 8th, and a 10.03 on August 12th.