Lake Fork Guide Clint Wright August Report

August 2009
Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service
Lake Fork Report:

Hello fellow anglers and welcome to Lake Fork. August is always a busy month here at the lake. Most anglers will be fishing the first 4 hours of a day, last 4 hours of a day and throughout the entire night. It is a given that the middle of the day is very brutal on most hot August days. Last month, I gave some tips on beating the heat. Once again, I want to reiterate much of this information. It is very important to always have plenty of bottled water on ice, sunscreen, sunglasses (Costa Del Mar’s are hard to beat), hat and a cell phone. For your night fishing trips bring some bug spray, several flashlights and a spotlight in addition to your day time checklist. These items will help make your day and night much more enjoyable. It is no secret that my favorite trips during the summer are at night. The air temperature is usually in the mid to upper 70’s and the wind is usually just a slight breeze. But, the weather is not the only reason we go hunting for monster bass under the cover of darkness. Night fishing brings upon a level of suspense which is much higher than that of fishing during the day. Many times when an angler hooks up with a quality bass, they have no idea if it weighs 7 pounds or 12 pounds until it is on board. I had the opportunity to fish with the owner of Grande Bass Bait Company this past week, Jerry Shinn. Jerry brought with him a few prototype baits, one called the Mega Tail worm that will be hitting the shelves mid to end of August. Let me tell you folks, this worm is going to blow your mind. The realistic colors, action and detail of this worm are unmatched and you have never seen anything like it before. He also had a few more baits under the Mega series that will be coming out shortly after the new worm. I brought this new worm up for one main reason, and it is to use it when night fishing. Of course it is going to be great during the day, but the action of this new tail is going to drive the night fish nuts. I will be rigging the worm up on a standard Texas Rig for night fishing. The size of the bullet weight will depend on the wind, depth and cover. I like to use as light as I can get away with. A 4/0 long shank off set hook should provide enough length to decrease short strikes that are common with worm fishing at night. Pair all of this up with a Custom Angle Rod, built here at Lake Fork and you will be ready to go Hawg Hunting!! I’ve also started using the all new jigs from Black Angel Jig Company. This jig company has a wide variety of styles and the best jig colors on the market today. Lake Fork bass eat jigs year around. I’ll have one of these tied on at all times this month. Deep or shallow, they will get you bit. Try one on a Custom Angle 7 foot heavy action rod and hold on tight!! Toward the end of August, I will start trending most of my trips to day trips. The reason is the Thermocline. By mid to late August the waters temperatures have leveled out from day after day of heat. The oxygen begins to deplete in depths greater than 18 foot in some areas and 25 foot in others. The top of the thermocline is a very important key to success in August and September. I like to fish the contour change where it meets the edge of the thermocline. These areas can be found on just about any hump, ledge, point and pond dam on the lake. Another pattern an angler might find is schooling fish around the lake. Many timesthe bass will chase schools of threadfin shad to the surface and feed for a while. These fish can be caught on lipless baits, crankbaits and my favorite a weightless Grande Bass Rattlesnake. Take the Rattlesnake and throw it into the middle of the feeding frenzy, let it fall slowly giving it a slight twitch ever so often. This will imitate a dying baitfish and will get you bit. I throw this rig on a Custom
Angle 6’8 medium action rod and your reel should have 12 – 14 lb. fluorocarbon line. The fluorocarbon line will allow the bait to sink more natural. I hope these tips help you catch the bass of your dreams. Please know that I am always here to try and answer any questions you might have. Once again, welcome to Lake Fork and Good Luck Fishing.
Please practice C.P.R. (Catch, Photo, and Release) especially during the hot summer months. The heat will cause the fish to die quickly if not released in a short period of time.

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service uses only professional Lake Fork Guides to ensure your date is available for booking. Corporate and Group trips – no problem. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about Lake Fork or booking information at 903-342-3497. Or visit for more information. References are available upon request.
Lake Fork Day and Night endorses the following sponsors: Custom Angle Rods, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Grande Bass Bait’s, and Sartin Marine.
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