August Lake Fork Report Guide Lance Vick

Carl Jocumsen, Australia’s 2008 Bass Classic Champ and AOY and Josh Batterson the Skeeter Boss in Austrailia give us a Aussy Lake Fork report From their Skeeter trip of a Lifetime to the USA

Check it out here
Lake Fork is about a foot low, Water temps around 85 to 89
Fishing has been OK to good, Numbers have improved this week
12 fish has been the average and 30 fish to be a really good day, catching some nice fish up to around 7 plus pounds but nothing better that lately .
The shallow bite has been ok early on topwater buzz frogs, texas rig worms and weightless flukes,The rest of the day has been a little of everything ,drop shot,shakey head ,carolina rig,football head jig,chatter bait,crankbait and a few dropping fish.
The Fish have shifted to shallower water around grass on points, creek channels in the backs of the creeks.During Sept the water in the Lake changes quite
a bit with the turn over so watch the water color in the area your fishing, brown water could mean it is turning and the fish may be hard to catch .The green water is where we are catching fish,during this time frame of the year its seems whats works today in a area will not work the next day,so it takes
a lot more work to stay up with the fish changing techniques often and locations .With the wind today we caught two six pounds throwing chatter baits down windy grass lines.As sept grows the moving baits like chatterbaits, small crankbaits should start pulling thier weight on winder days .On calm days the top water poppers and fluke type baits, wacky rigs and texas rigs will be my go to lures.
Good fishing to everyone, and please be safe during the Mcdonalds tournament this Sept no tourament is as important our fishing family


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