Lake Fork Report Guide John Tanner September 2009

September 1, 2009
Greetings Anglers. It has been an awesome summer and boy have we had a blast catching tons of bass here at Lake Fork. The deep bite has been good during the later part of August with a lot of 25 to 35 fish days while fishing out on the main lake structure. I wish I had a nickel for every time I looked at my Lowrance sonar unit while checking a submerged hump and said, “There they are, lets get em!” . It wasn’t like that every day but we had about a 10 day stretch that was awesome. I look for much of the same coming in the fall months, but as the weather patterns start to change and the days get a little shorter the fall patterns start to show their colors a little more.

Now as September rolls in, there will be several different patterns that will put Lake Fork bass in the boat. With the Lake Fork McDonald’s Big Bass tourney coming up this month and the awesome Berkley Big Bass Tourney coming in October the patterns I am about to mention should get better and better so you people fishing the tournaments keep this stuff in mind.. Hopefully these tips will help you catch em while fishing just for fun or while competing in the events coming up in the next few weeks. Water surface temps have been running in the mid to upper 80’s in the afternoons and in the low 80’s in the mornings. This is a little cooler than normal and is good for the shallow bite early and late in the day or even on cloudy and windy days. On these kinds of days fish the grass beds along the main lake points and pockets looking for good concentrations of bait fish where ever you are fishing. With the water a little cooler there is and will be more good sized bass in the shallows attending those bait fish. There are still tons of good patches of milfoil that is starting to matt up along some of the main and secondary points and even in some of the backs of the creeks. Hydrilla is doing the same and matting up very well in various locations along the lake. These are good places to get your line stretched and your blood pumping early in the morning. Good ways to catch them are on buzzbaits like the Talon ½ ounce white buzzbait with gold or nickel blade, a frog like the Berkley floating 5” Bat Wing Frog in tree Frog or Albino color, Chatter Baits, Berkley Frenzy Poppers,Texas Rigged 7” Berkley Shaky Worms in blue fleck, and of course the all new Berkley Slim Shaky Worms in the 4.75 size in green pumpkin or watermelon/red color rigged wacky style. Keep your eyes peeled and look for big schools of shad running through the weed beds. These matted weed beds are shad magnets and once the water cools off a little and these big schools of bait fish load up in the weeds, tons of big bass will follow. Try on top in the mornings or on cloudy days with baits mentioned above and when they stop smashing the topwater stuff get out your flippin stick and start dropping texas rigged Berkley Chigger Craws in the holes in the heavy mats. This style if fishing is a blast and will put some big uns in the boat. Of course while fishing the shallow grass I like to use Trilene 100% flouro carbon line with 12 pound on the wacky rigs and 15 to 17 pound test on the buzzbaits and texas rigs. I would suggest however to use braided line on the frogs like Spiderwire or Stren Easy cast Braid to get the big ones out of the heavy moss. This time of year is also a great time to fish with swim baits over the weed beds. Try the Berkley Hollow Belly swim baits in the 4 or 5 inch size. Good colors for me are the Gizzard Shad color along with the Tennessee Shad colors. On sunny days go deep with Carolina rigged Berkley Wacky Crawlers, Power Hogs and the Slim Shaky in green pumpkin or watermelon red. Drop shotting is a deadly method as well going into this time of year on the deep fish. Berkley Gulp 3” minnows are a good bait for this as well as the Wacky Crawlers in the Power Bait formula. Look for fish along the main lake humps, submerged pond dams and road beds in 18 to 25 ft of water. Remember for all your Texas, Carolina and drop shotting applications be sure to use Tru Tungsten weights. Tru Tungsten makes tungsten weights for all types of fishing in every shape and color to match your fishing situation. They are the best! Another good way to catch those hogs in deep water is to fish with a football head jig. I like to use the Talon ¾ ounce football head Jig in texas craw and watermelon candy color. For the trailer I like to use the 3” Berkley Power Bait Twin Tail Grub in the green pumpkin color. Once the fish bite it they won’t let go. Oh yea have you heard of the new 12” Power Worms? Well they are here and man will they catch em. Check with your local Berkley dealer or while you are here go by Lake Fork Marina and grab some. They are something the fish haven’t seen and the big will ones will smoke it out in deep water on a ½ ounce texas rig or even on the grass edges. It’s like a T-Bone Steak to as big bass! I am excited with the seasons changing coming up and the fishing getting really good. I love it going into September because of all of the ways you can catch big ones here at Lake Fork. Don’t forget the schooling Bass! This time of year they get going and will be more and more prevalent going into fall. So spool up your ABU Garica Revos and lets get ready to do some big time bassin here on the Fork! If you would like to book a guided trip here on Lake Fork check us out on the world wide web at or call us toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop us a line at From the beginner to the expert we will make your trip to Lake Fork one to remember. Or for more booking info click on the trip info page. And for a look at tons of happy folks holding their Lake Fork Trophies be sure and click on the awesome photo section.
While you are here be sure and visit our very own local Ranger Boat Dealer, Diamond Sports Marine located on hwy 154. DSM carries a full line of Ranger Boats and will have some of the new models for 2010 coming in soon including the all new Ranger Z-521 rigged with 250 Yamaha Series 2 outboards. These are awesome rigs so go by and schedule a test ride. See Ben Hogan and be sure to tell him that Tanner sent ya!

Please pray for our troops and their families as they put it on the line for us every day. Without their daily sacrifices we could not enjoy the freedoms we have here in America every day. Also please pray for the sick and the lost. Read Romans12:9.

Good fishin and God Bless,
John and Robin Tanner
Many thanks to my sponsors.


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