John Tanner Lake Fork Report October 2009

Welcome to Lake Fork ( Bassville USA ) . October is a great month to come to Lake Fork and catch some big bass. If the fishing action is anything like it normally is in the fall, trophy fishing will be awesome. I remember last year towards the later part of the month I had the Dailey brother’s fish with me as they normally do in the fall. Matt and Nathan fished 2 days and on the second day of the trip Lake Fork reminded us all of what she is famous for. We had three fish over ten pounds and another weighing over 9 that day not to mention several other fish that weighed between 4 to 6 ½ pounds. Matt caught 2 of the ten pounders back to back! It was a day to remember and God was really blessing us that day. We were and still are grateful for that load of toads we had the pleasure of catching on 10/31 last year. That is what I am talking about when I say October is a great month to catch some big uns. There are a few things to keep your eye out for while fishing here on Lake Fork in the month of October. Water conditions are key as the lake may be trying to turn over so ask questions as you arrive or even before you get here. Don’t let that scare you off. If the lake is turning over the deep bite can be tricky so the shallow fish are the ones to target. If the lake is about done with the turnover, some of the deep spots will kick back in gear, so you can fish shallow water early and late in the day and then mid day go deep and do fine. If the lake is done with the turnover the deep bite can be good just about anywhere on the main lake. Fall is topwater time and you can find fish on top on grassy points as well as in the backs of the creeks. Anywhere there is a good concentration of baitfish can be awesome places to throw a topwater bait like a Berkley Frenzy Popper or even a frog like the Berkley Bat Wing Frog. Schooling fish are common in October as well which means to have a good lipless crankbait tied on if you want some fast action. Try the Berkley Rattl’r in any shad pattern and you will be in business. Once the topwater action stops go with the texas rigged worms like the 7” Berkley Power worms in blue fleck and red shad. You may even try green pumpkin. Another good one is the Power Shaky Worm in the 5 or 7 inch size. Here is a little tip on the Shaky Worm go with a 1/8 ounce Tru Tungsten sinker. Cast it out let it settle in the grass and then let it sit in one spot and just shake it gently. Move it a foot or so and then repeat the process. I have caught a ton of big fish while shaking this bait in the grass. They will just pick it up a lot of times while you are shaking it. Some of the biggest fish have come after the lightest bites so watch your line. And I always worm fish with Berkley Trilene 100% flouro carbon line, so do yourself a favor and try some. It is Professional Grade and won’t let you down. Wacky Worming is also very productive in the fall along the grass lines. The Berkley Sink Worm is perfect for this style of fishing. This worm is weighted and needs no weight inserted. It falls with a incredible action that triggers awesome strikes. The Shaky and Slim Shaky will do a good job as well. On the flip side to the shallow fishing a lot of the big mamas will be caught out in deeper water as well. That is the cool thing about October, you have the best of both worlds. Look for fish on the main lake points and big secondary points leading into the major creek channels in the mid morning hours through the afternoon. In the late afternoon look for some of the deep fish to move to the mouths of the creeks and set up on smaller secondary points, isolated big trees along the creek channels or tree lines as they push the bait fish in to feed on them. Good weapons for the deep ones are the Carolina Rigged Berkley Slim Shaky Worms in the 4 ¾ inch size as well as the 4” Berkley Power Hog. The Slim Shaky is a new one and I can testify that it works really well and is very productive. I have caught a ton of fish on these things already and look forward to using them this month as well. Other good bait choices for deep water fall bassin are of the course the spoons like the big Talon Flutter Spoon, the Talon “T” Spoon, football head Jigs in ¾ ounce and also swim baits like the Berkley Hollow Belly as well as the Berkley Power Mullet. Remember later in the month when the Yellow Bass start showing up on the deep spots the big bass will follow. Look for big schools of these tasty morsels on your Lowrance unit with big Bass mixed in with them. Drag the baits mentioned above through them and fish slowly. You will feel the Yellow Bass tapping your lures repeatedly. Just leave whatever you are using in there and wait for the big bite! You will know the difference between the Yellow Bass and a Lake Fork Monster right away! There is a lot going on this month and it is hard to pack it all into one short article, so hopefully the baits and techniques mentioned will help you find and catch more big bass this fall. Remember the 4th Annual Berkley Big Bass Tournament will be held here on Lake Fork on October 17th and 18th out of Lake Fork Marina. It will be an awesome event and open to the public. There will be 10 places paid each hour as well as a couple of boats given away for top prizes. Come see us at the Berkley Trailer. If you would like to book a guided trip here on Lake Fork this fall or winter call us toll free at 1-800-865-2282. Or for more booking info check us out on the world wide web at Be sure and click on the trip info, fishing report page and the awesome photo pages for a look at tons of happy folks holding their Lake Fork Trophies. Have you heard about the new model of Bass boat coming out for 2010 by Ranger Boats? The all new Z-521 will be out for next season! I will be running one of these bad boys rigged with a Yamaha 250 series 2 engine starting this month. If you would like a test ride contact Diamond Sports Marine over on hwy 154 and talk to Ben Hogan or you can call me and I will give you a test ride in mine. This is the latest and greatest from Ranger and I cant wait to get behind the wheel. If you are interested in a great deal on a pro staff boat give me a ring. I let my boats go every season at a huge savings. You can call me on my toll free number or on my cell at 903-569-7451. This boat will be in the new Ranger Cup color package and will be a dream machine for someone who is wanting the latest technology at a great price. Go to for more info on the new models and go to for info on the Series 2 outboards. Good fishing to all as you head to Lake Fork. Please pray for our troops and their families as they sacrifice for us every day so we can enjoy the freedoms we have here in the USA. Also please pray for the sick and the lost. I thank God for blessing me with all I have and all I get to enjoy in the outdoors and most of all for the free gift of eternal life through his son Jesus Christ. Do you know Him? Read John 3:16.


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  1. Larry Carpenter Says:

    Great Article John….Sportsmen & Sponsors sure to be impressed ! I was…your Pal, Larry

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