Crappie fishing

Morning was cooler today, wind swapped directions at around 11am this morning. The crappie bite on Fork is still very good. Seems like the bite keeps moving earlier and earlier (of course I can’t get out until 8:30-9am) but slacks during midday. We didn’t have but 10 or so keepers this morning (9:15-11:30) and 5 throw backs…we talked to a few people that got out at daybreak that had a full livewell. Very light bite

Catching them on a mix of 1/16th oz crappie busters and minnows under bridges. You almost have to have reservations after 10am because the traffic gets heavy and the game of leap frog / musical chairs starts. One person moves out, someone takes there pillar and so and down the line.

Going to get away from the bridge and move to the trees tomorrow morning and do some scouting.


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2 Responses to “Crappie fishing”

  1. Chase Horn Says:

    Hey Terri, you probably dont remember me due to the number of people you probably speak to per day, but I have ran into you several times especially in the Northern End of the lake especially around Birch Creek area. You’ve probably seen that blue boat dock in Birch Creek on the West bank…thats mine, yet I have fished this lake for many many years now by leisure and tournaments and GOOD OL’ LAKE FORK always seems to be able to throw a curve ball at ya, you probably know what I mean. Anyway, I also am steering away form the bridge and really focusing on cedar trees in 8-13′ feet of water. I dont know if your into night fishing but they have really been goin nuts in 6-8′ of water between the hours of 7-10 o’clock. I only jig fish by the way….anyway I enjoy the blogs and hope to hear from ya soon. Hoped the info helped…see ya.

  2. lfmfr Says:

    I will relay the message to Terri, thank you for the comment 🙂

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