Flip Clips save big fish….

Guys, we are having more and more bad bladdered fish show up as the fishing picks up and weather cools off. PLEASE drop by the marina and pick up a pack of these. I will sell them to you at cost, I’m not out to make a dime on this…I’m having a pretty hard time with these big fish when they have been on a 20 minute boat ride in 3 foot swells with half of there gills exposed.

The 12.04 Guide Johnny Glass caught a week or so ago recovered so quickly due to the flip clips….took her almost FOUR days as she came from 34 foot of water, but I have no doubt she survived on her return back into Fork.

What normally takes single day to stabilize and return to normal/ready to release is taking several days and I’m afraid we may be losing some of PRIME we are ALL after in delayed mortality sense.

This is not a sales pitch or some ill attempt to push a product. They take no effort or training…I have placed as many as 3 clip on an 11lber caught in 25 foot before that did NOT have to be fizzed. If you are tournament fishing and are unsure how to fizz or simply have one that is borderline on turning up toss a clip on and save yourself the paranoid 5 minute livewell checks.



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One Response to “Flip Clips save big fish….”

  1. Mo Flint Says:


    Here is the link to the Bass Mortality report that I was telling you about.


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