Terri Moon Crappie Report February 2010 LAKE FORK

You can contact Terri Moon at 903-383-7773 or tx2moonfish@msn.com

Well February to me seems to be one of those months where it IS or ISN’T gonna happen. I must say this past week has been more ISN’T than IS! But, the variables playing a part in this have been the wind and also the release of water causing a current. For some reason these Lake Fork crappie just shut off when there is current present. But when the current stops, the crappie will resume feeding. So, don’t give up- get out there and try it again.

The last cold front we had sent the crappie even deeper in 35 to 45 ft with water temperature down to 44 degrees. There have been a few days of sunshine and nice weather that brought the water temperature up to 49 degrees; but, ya, you guessed it- another cold snap! But, that’s typical of February weather. The good thing about down here, the cold doesn’t last long! So keep an eye on the water temperatures. It doesn’t take many warm days to get the water to start to warm up. I look forward to temperatures reaching the low to mid 50’s range. That’s when the fishing can get exciting! This transition can take place as early as the middle of February.

But, in the mean time, the fish we are catching are coming off a rig similar to “drop-shot” rigging. I’m tying 1/4oz. bell sinker on the bottom then a foot up the line from that I’m tying a 1/8oz. Bob Young jig in cinnamon w/ shartreuse tail then another foot up from this I’m tying a 1/16th oz jig head and attaching a AWD triple tail shad in black w/ gold glitter w/ chartreuse tail. The heavier bell sinker makes it easier to tell when you’re on the bottom. Now here’s a HOT TIP, Do NOT over work your baits by bouncing them up and down. It’s going to take a slower presentation this time of year. So, SLOW MOTIOn or NO MOTION works best.

Now I know a lot of you are probably suffering from cabin fever about now…especially those of you up north! So, now’s the time to start making your fishing plans because planning early gives you better availablility of the dates that work for you. I highly recommend lodging at Lake Fork Marina, 903-765-2764. This is one of those places that if you forgot something, they probably have it!

Terri Moon


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