Mid Fork Feb 2010

Just a short write up, I’m bored and still stuck at work.

We had a shad kill a few days ago, still a few swimming sideways and bass are gorging. One man said 2 of his 6 fish today were throwing up fresh threadfin shad and another one had 2 tails sticking out of the gullet.

Bite is extremely slow for nearly everyone, water temp main lake mid/high 40’s…heard of some 52-53 in the very backs of some muddy creeks up north. The majority of the people I have talked to the past 2 days have been in the east field of glade at some point, none of which have reported catching much… which is surprising considering it has been the go-to place for the past 3-4 years prespawn / early spawn.

1/4oz spinnerbaits white/chart or straight white with double willow or single colorado slow rolled and 1/2oz red traps are all selling well…Yo-Zuri Rattlnvibes and Bill Lewis in product code SY8.

Good luck, I hope to get out several days during the week.


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