Big Fish showing up on Lake Fork

Day before yesterday a 13.00 was pulled out. Yesterday a 12.91, 11.51, 10.80. Today there were 5 10lbers caught…the only thing I can find in common in these fish is they are coming from the colder on the south end of the lake from 4-10 ft on stickbaits. Yamamoto Senkos, Grande Bass Rattlesnakes, Hags F4 / F5 torandoes ect….

Will give another update after the front moves through Saturday.


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2 Responses to “Big Fish showing up on Lake Fork”

  1. paul bacon Says:

    Are you really serious about these fish coming from the south end. When i read something like that i feel like maybe your diverting some boats away from birch and glade for the rest of us? Tell me if thats what your doing? But if not, Maybe i am fishing the wrong areas? It just seems crazy to be fishing those areas right now. Seriously, what areas on the south end would you focus on?

  2. lfmfr Says:

    Why do I have any reason to lie about it Paul? I know it sounds backwards as hell chasing cooler water, but the bigger fish are coming out of the front half of cold water areas. We run a fishing marina/resort when we have customers that catch fish they return time and time again and spend money. Sure you can go to glade and go wear out males that have all been smashed on for weeks and weeks by everyone and there mother or you can go down to Williams in water thats almost 8 degrees cooler and clearer and blast a 12lber like was caught yesterday.

    Birch creek will always have fish in it, but that hyacinth basically wiped out the 3 main areas I fished. Where there was once coontail/hydrilla mix out to 7.5ft is now a bare bottom with the occassional rotting hyacinth strand hanging on my spinnerbait.

    Williams, Dale, No Name, Mustang (Haven’t heard much on little mustang) have ALL been producing consistant fish over 8lbs.

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