Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service Clint Wright March 2010

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service
Fishing Report
March 2010

Hello from Lake Fork. My March report is always a great report to write. Winter is over and warm weather is coming. Many anglers have been looking forward to a warming trend, I know that I have.

Historically, March is known for the spawn here at Lake Fork. I love to fish deep water, but March and April I will be fishing shallow. To me shallow is 10 foot or less, this is where most of the bass in Lake Fork will be. Many anglers fish up in one or two foot this time of year. What they don’t realize is that the really big fish are under their boat in 5 – 10 foot. These big fish did not grow up in one of the nations most pressured lakes by living in one or two foot of water. They got big by learning how to hide out, just out of sight. I’m going to explain a little and give a few tips that will hopefully put you on one of the cold water trophies.

When I am fishing Lake Fork in March, I look for a few key characteristics of an area before fishing it. The number one thing I look for is shallow water, close to deep water. Second, Grass (milfoil or hydrilla). Third, a hard sandy bottom. These three ingredients will usually equal quality bites. In these areas I like to throw an array of different baits. For covering water quickly, I throw a Santone Chatterbait on a 7’ Custom Angle Rod heavy action, with 20 pound fluorocarbon on a high speed reel. When I slow down, I like to throw a Texas rigged Gene Larew Biggle Bug or a Grande Bass Mutant, rigged on a 7’ Custom Angle Rod heavy action and 50 lb braided line. When the bite seems tough or the water is clear, rig up a shakey head. My two favorite shakey head baits are a Gene Larew 4” salt craw or a Grande Bass Rattlesnake. These two baits will flat out catch fish year around. I like to fish the shakey head on Custom Angle Rod with 12 fluorocarbon line. Remember that these big fish use the creek channels and ditches as highways, to and from deep water. Find these areas and this will be where they should be. I like to start at the back of a creek and fish my way out. In March, I like a creek that is 10 foot deep with 3 or 4 foot on the sides. This is a really good spot.

A popular fishing method for March and April is bed fishing. Without a doubt it is very effective. Using Costa Del Mar sunglasses, anglers are able to see the fish laying eggs in shallow water. Many times these fish can be relatively easy to catch. Here I like to use a Santone finesse jig with a Gene Larew finesse craw behind it. The Santone jig company uses Gamakatsu hooks, which are the sharpest and most durable hooks on the market. The sharp hook is very important. I have yet to find a bass spawning that does not go nuts over that set up, although you will have to play around with colors of the craw to find one she cannot stand.

If you fish Lake Fork on a regular basis, or if you are just visiting, having a chip from is a must. Just insert into your gps unit, download and whoala, all of the boat lanes right there as waypoints. No more tearing your boat up, not being sure if you should be running there or not.

Please remember that the sun will still cause damage to your eyes while fishing. So wear your Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses anytime the sun is shining.

Guided trips on Lake Fork are a sure way to have a fun filled relaxing day. Our spring dates are filling quickly and for that we are blessed. Let me be the first one you call for your guide trip, as all I can guarantee is that I will try my hardest to #1 catch fish, #2 have a great time doing it.

Often I get asked about whom I trust to work on my outboard motor or who should I buy a boat from. I have to say Sartin Marine in Yantis, Texas is the go to place. Billy, Wayne and staff will take care of anything you need. Give them a call if you ever have a boat or motor question.

I hope these tips help you catch the bass of your dreams. Please know that I am always here to try and answer any questions you might have. Myself and several other Guides that I work with are available for public speaking, such as bass club meetings, boy scout meetings etc. at no cost to you. We can go over any topics related to Lake Fork or Bass Fishing, Boating etc.

Please practice C.P.R. (Catch, Photo, and Release). It takes many years for these fish to grow to their trophy size. By practicing a quick release, it allows other anglers to enjoy the same experience as you. Replica mounts can be made for your wall that look better and last longer than a real mount. Remember life jackets and kill switches any time the outboard motor is running or anytime you feel it would just be safer to wear it. Your safety is #1!

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service uses only professional Lake Fork Guides to ensure your date is available for booking. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Corporate and Group trips – no problem. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about Lake Fork, Monticello, Welsh or booking information at 903-342-3497. Or visit for more information. References are available upon request.

Lake Fork Day and Night endorses the following sponsors: Custom Angle Rods, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Santone Jigs, Gene Larew Baits, Grande Bass Baits and Sartin Marine.
Tight Lines,

Guide Clint Wright
Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service
“Let’s Go Fishing”


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One Response to “Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service Clint Wright March 2010”

  1. Laurie Fontenot Says:

    Hi Clint,
    I work with Costa, and I wanted to thank you for showing us some love. Hope the fishing’s good on Lake Fork right now. I’m sure the weather doesn’t help. Are you on Facebook or Twitter? We have a nice size TX following, so let them know how if anything special is happening at Lake Fork on or
    Take care!

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