Stephen Fatherree Lake Fork Guide Report

Lake Fork is on fire!! May and June are my favorite months of the year here due to the amount of different ways fish can be caught. The bass here at Lake Fork are currently being caught in 1-30 foot of water and many techniques are working. This time of the year you can still find fish near the banks spawning, and also out on the deeper structure feeding up on shad. We have been averaging 25-50 fish a day with lots of 3-6 lb bass. Here are some of the patterns and baits we have been successful with lately.

For you shallow water fisherman I recommend starting the morning fishing around grassbeds and lily pads in the first 1/2 of major creeks. Focus on fishing in about 1-6 foot of water, casting a topwater bait such as a frog or yellow magic pop-r. Make sure when you are fishing a frog to use a stout rod and braided line to pull those big bass out of this cover. Once the sun comes up and the topwater bite dies, cast a weightless watermelon red senko in these same areas to pick up a few more fish. On a very windy day you can catch some good bass on a white spinnerbait fished quickly over the grass as well. A 1/4 oz texas rigged lizard in watermelon red has also been working well on the grass edges in 5-7 foot of water. Many of these fish that are finishing their spawn first move to these grass lines to feed.

The deep bass are currently being found in big schools in 15 to 30 foot of water. Focus on fishing submerged roadbeds, humps, ledges, and main lake points for the best luck. The deep bass are moving to and from the structure throughout the day so timing can be key. I will often graph these areas three of four times per day to find out what time the bass are feeding best. Generally early in the morning you can find them closer to 15 feet while during mid-day they will move out to the 20-30 foot deep structures. As the sun hits the water we are graphing points, humps, roadbeds, and ledges in 20-30ft searching for schools of bass and baitfish. The best weather for the deep bite on Lake Fork is usually sunny and windy.

A carolina rig with a ¾ oz weight and 2-3 foot leader has been catching most of our deeper fish. Any soft plastic seems to work right now so use whatever your favorite is. I use mostly 6in lizards, 5in rigfrys, and baby brush hogs in any shade of green. Another bait that is working well on these deeper bass is a ¾ oz football jig. With both the jig and carolina rig try a very slow dragging retreive. Sometimes they prefer the bait to be hopped so experiment with the retreive to see what works best. The action can be great and when you find an active school of fish, it can be one big bass after another!

Fishing shallow or deep, you can have a great day this time of year out here on Lake Fork. I still have a some great dates open in the upcoming summer months. Feel free to contact me with any questions I can help you with. Good Luck fishing, see you on the water. I hope this report is helpful to all Lake Fork fishing fans.


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