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Lake Fork July Bassin is HOT, Guide John Tanner

June 29, 2010

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Lake Fork July Bassin is HOT Hello everyone and welcome to Lake Fork. July is here and it is time for some heavy duty summer time Bass fishing. The weather is Hot and so is the fishing so read this article and let us tell you the techniques we use to catch the big ones here on Lake Fork. This time of year the deep bite is normally the way to go while looking for a trophy sized Lake Fork giant. What I mean buy the deep bite is fishing off shore structure away from shore. Out on the middle of most lakes especially Lake Fork there is a ton of off shore structure such as submerged humps, pond dams, road beds, ridges and long points that extend way out into the lake before dropping into deep water. It is like another world out there! Anything like this that comes up off of the bottom with a decent drop off on one or both sides attract baitfish and are excellent feeding grounds for schools of hungry bass. In the summer time many of the Bass will school up in large groups and travel in these schools and feed heavily. Once you figure out where this happens and know the areas out in the lake that the fish are using you are in business. How do I start you say? Well a good sonar/gps unit is a must as well as a good map within your unit. Navionics makes some awesome map cards you can plug into your unit and will show you the bottom contours of the lake in great detail. I like to use the them in my Lowrance HDS8. Lowrance makes the best sonar/gps units on the market and also have the structure scan available which makes them even better. If you haven’t taken a look at the latest and greatest technology from Lowrance go to and check it out. Being proficient with your unit and knowing how to use it is crucial to your success while fishing the deep water. Most folks can recognize the bottom but if you can actually see and identify the bass and schools of baitfish and distinguish them over the other fish you are way ahead of the game. You mean you can actually look at the Lowrance and tell a Bass from another species of fish you say? You bet you can! It may be a little intimidating at first but just like anything else the more you do it the easier it gets. When you go to the lake and are trying to learn your unit and what it is trying to tell you always take your owners manual with you. It will be a big help. Another good way to get the hang of it is to go with someone who knows. Let them show you what the bass look like on the screen and then let them test you and see if you can pick them out. Once you are sure what you are looking at then it is time to go fishing. Boat control and positioning is another very important aspect of off shore structure fishing. You must position your boat to where you can cast your lure over and beyond the school of Bass and work you bait back through them. Once you mark a school of fish on you unit idle past them a ways then toss out a buoy marker. This will give you a reference point to the location of the school. Put you boat to either side of the school and then cast over and beyond them. Then work you bait through them. This will increase you catch ratio and is much better than landing you bait right on top of them every cast which will eventually spook the school leaving you wondering why they stopped biting. Now let’s talk techniques. The top five rigs for deep water fishing in my opinion are the Carolina rig, texas rig worm, football jig, big flutter spoon and either the drop shot or the swim baits. I know that is six but they are all good and will boat plenty of fish this time of year. On my Carolina rig I like to use a one ounce Tru Tungsten bullet or flipping weight, Mustad two way swivel with about a 4 foot leader and then a 3/0 or 4/0 Mustad wide gap hook. The reason for the Tru Tungsten weight is for better feel and more weedless fishing. Tungsten is heavier and much harder than lead giving you a better feel than lead. And with the insert free technology offered by Tru Tungsten I would say that they are the best tungsten weights on the market. Other tungsten weights have inserts which can muffle the feel while you are fishing. Go to . The baits for me are the Berkley Power Bait Wacky Crawlers, Slim Shaky Worms, regular 7” or 10” Power Worms and the all new Berkley Thump Worm. On the Texas Rig I like to use the ½ ounce Tru Tungsten weight along with the 10 or 12 inch Berkley Power worms. Good colors are green pumpkin, blue fleck and a new color which is watermelon red and purple flake. Talon football head jigs in ¾ ounce with a Berkley 3” Twin tail grub are the deal and on the spoon go with the Talon Fork Flutter Spoon. This time of year use some strong line as these deep water fish pull very hard and will test your equipment. I use the awesome Berkley Trilene 100% flouro carbon line. 20 pound test on the big stuff and 12 pound on the drop shot rig.The drop shot is a blast to use and I like to rig it on my ABU Garcia Vendetta 6’-6” spinning rod and ABU Garcia Soron SX20 spinning reel. This is an awesome rig and really fun to fish with. Good baits on the drop shot are the Wacky Crawler and Slim Shaky Worm in the Power Bait or Berkley Gulp. Green pumpkin watermelon or red bug are good standard colors for deep fishing. For a look at Vendetta rods, ABU Garcia reels such as the Soron Spinning reels and even the awesome long casting Revo reels go to . You can even take a look at all of the Berkley line and baits there as well. Lake Fork Marina carries a huge line of the products mentioned so if you are in the area swing by and check it out or order on line at While you are in the area be sure and visit our local Ranger Boat dealer Diamond Sports Marine located on hwy 154. Tell em Tanner sent ya. Go to for a look at the latest and greatest from Ranger the world leader in Bass boats. If you would like info on booking a trip here on Lake Fork and learn more about deep water fishing or talk about night fishing if the heat is a bit much for ya call us toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop us a line at . Or check us out on the world wide web at for fishing reports cool videos and other helpful fish catching tips. Also click on the trip info page and for a look at tons of photos of big bass click on the photo page. It is awesome! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook search word John Tanner or John Tanner Pro Fishing. Many Thanks to my sponsors. Please pray for our country and our military as well as the sick and the lost. Read 1 Samuel 12:24.


Clint Wright Lake Fork Night Report

June 27, 2010

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service

July 2010

Guide Clint Wright

Water temp: 90
Clarity: Clear (no rain)
Water Level: about a foot low and slowly dropping from heat.
Pattern / Season: Summer

Summer is here and she is in full force. Lately the highs have been in the upper 90’s to over 100. The lack of rain and good hydrilla growth has really made Lake Fork clear in most areas. One word at Lake Fork can sum up July and August fishing, HOT. To beat this heat I guide primarily at night. It is more fun for my clients, easier on our health and offers some of the best bass fishing of the year. Most anglers come to Lake Fork in search for bass over ten pounds. Therefore, my style of fishing and my reports will hopefully help you build a pattern to do just that.

In July and August the pattern I fish is exactly the same. For the daytime bite I fish deep. We will pick up a Custom Angle Carolina Special rod rigged with a Carolina rig and go to work on deep water structure and cover. My bait selection will be broad, this time of year I have more soft plastics in my boat than any other time as the pattern changes from day to day. Many daytime anglers downsize to a drop shot and shakey head for summer bassin’ these two months, but I only pick them up when the bite is really tough. Many anglers will find the daytime bite lacking in July and August, not to say there are not some great days to be had. I look forward to hearing about slow day trips in the summer because this alerts me to one thing, the night bite is on! Bass are living creatures that must eat to survive. If they are not eating during the day, then they must be eating at night. This theory of mine has held true for me for many years all over the country. Night fishing is my favorite thing to do in this sport. I’ve logged over 3,000 hours night fishing on Lake Fork since 2005. Many hours growing up on the lake are unaccounted for. My father raised me up fishing at night. Today this is still our most favorite thing to do together. Night fishing is only as hard as the angler makes it. More often than not night fishing is easier than day fishing because you can leave many baits at home. My favorite way to fish at night is to pick up a Custom Angle 7’ heavy and rig up a Texas rig. This one set up will just about do it all at night. As many of you know I have been an advocate of using braid due to its power and reliability. But, recently I have noticed that it does not get the bites of fluorocarbon and monofilament. Therefore I will be fading away from it and using more 20 – 25 lb test mono and flouro. So back to the Texas rig, this set up is way more complex than most believe. I have seen little things such as the size of the hook and weight play a big role in the amount of bites and hook ups anglers get. I’m not going to explain the science behind this, but feel free to email me or call me and I’ll explain. It has all to do with how the bass are eating the bait, nipping or choking it.

The Texas rig at night is the most productive set up. You will have to try different retrieves to find what works best on your trip. My favorite way is to throw it out and work it like a shakey head. I’ll do way more shaking than hopping or dragging. I tell my clients to move the bait like crazy, but do not move the weight. Once you learn how to do that at night, your bites will increase ten fold. The idea is to get their attention, but not take it away from them in a hurry. Let them locate and attack.

There are several different rigs that work at night to include a Santone Jig. But a Gene Larew El Salto special and a Grande Bass Diamond Back Rattlesnake will be all you really need on the soft plastic side of your arsenal.

If you have any questions about night fishing, please feel free to give me a call or email. There are certain things you must do and certain items you must take for a night trip that are not that important for a day trip. I’ve got some of this information on my website.

Night fishing on Lake Fork is very popular. I have a theory that many large Lake Fork fish only feed at night, nocturnal.

If you fish Lake Fork on a regular basis, or if you are just visiting, having a chip from is a must. Just insert into your GPS unit, download and voila, all of the boat lanes right there as waypoints. No more tearing your boat up, not being sure if you should be running there or not.

Billy Sartin at Sartin Marine located in Yantis, Texas (only a few minutes from Lake Fork) is available for all of your boating needs and mechanical repairs. Tell them Clint sent ya!

Please remember that the sun will still cause damage to your eyes while fishing. So wear your Costa Del Mar polarized sunglasses anytime the sun is shining. Costa Del Mar sunglasses have also increased my fishing as they allow me to see underwater vegetation, stumps, baitfish etc. Having the ability to see targets under the water that other anglers pass up is the key.

Guided trips on Lake Fork are a sure way to have a fun filled relaxing day. Our 2010 dates are filling quickly and for that we are blessed. Let me be the first guide you call for your fishing trip, as I can guarantee that I will try my hardest to #1 put you on fish, #2 have a great time doing it.

I hope these tips help you catch the bass of your dreams. Please know that I am always here to try and answer any questions you might have. Myself and several other Guides are available for public speaking, such as bass club meetings, boy scout meetings etc. at no cost to you. We can go over any topics related to Lake Fork or Bass Fishing, Boating etc.

Please practice C.P.R. (Catch, Photo, and Release). It takes many years for these fish to grow to their trophy size. By practicing a quick release, it allows other anglers to enjoy the same experience as you. Replica mounts can be made for your wall that look better and last longer than a real mount. Remember life jackets and kill switches any time the outboard motor is running or anytime you feel it would just be safer to wear it. Your safety is #1!

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service uses only professional Lake Fork Guides to ensure your date is available for booking. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Corporate and Group trips – no problem. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about Lake Fork or booking information at 903-342-3497. Or visit for more information. References are available upon request.

Lake Fork Day and Night endorses the following sponsors: Sartin Marine, Custom Angle Rods, Lake Fork Area News, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Santone Jigs, Gene Larew Baits and Grande Bass Baits.

Mike with one of his nice fish for the night.

Tight Lines,

Lance Vick Lake Fork Report (video link)

June 25, 2010

Lance Vick Lake Fork Report

Stephen Fatherree Lake Fork Report June 2010

June 25, 2010

The bass here at Lake Fork are currently being caught all over the lake on main lake structures such as points, roadbeds, humps, and ledges. We have been fishing in 20-30 foot of water and working our baits very slowly through these schools of bass. The best baits for us have been 3/4 oz green pumpkin football head jigs, 3/4 oz carolina rigs with a 2-4 ft leader and a Hags Tornado. Use a 7 to 7 1/2 MH to Heavy action rod and 20lb fluorocarbon line when fishing the jig and carolina rig. When you graph suspended fish cast a spoon or deep diving crankbait through these fish to get them to bite.

On cloudy and rainy days fish a little shallower in 10-15 feet with the same baits. Focus on fishing the south end of the lake along the edges of grass lines. Also a yellow magic topwater bait twitched slowly around the grass and pads will catch some great fish.

Good Luck Fishing!! Feel free to call me with any questions regarding open dates or just some fishing tips to make the best of your trip here on Lake Fork! I hope this report and new video is helpful to all Lake Fork fishing fans. Thank you to all of my customers/friends for making this a great year so far!

John Tanner Lake Fork Report June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

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June Bassin is a blast here on Lake Fork and this week it has been just that. The past few days we have been catching a lot of fish off of the deep water off shore structure. This is traditionally a good pattern going into the summer months as the fish really start to school up and feed heavily on the plentiful schools of bait fish. Lake conditions are good as the water level is still close to full pool. The water is also clearing up fast and surface temps are running in the low to mid 80’s. Look for fish running in schools and hanging around the main lake points, pond dams, road beds and humps. Good electronics are very important this time of year when the fish start bunching on the deep spots. I like to use the new Lowrance HDS8. These are awesome units and will pin point the schools of fish on the particular structure you are searching. Once you find the sweet spot you can mark the location with a waypoint and come back to it the next time you hit the lake. I love the mapping system and the detailed contour lines as well. You can search the map and find the humps much easier when you are looking at the map as you are checking the sonar. If you want to kick it another notch, check into the Structure Scan system. It will show you what is really down there. You will be amazed so go to for more details on the HDS units as well as the awesome Structure Scan. Most of the fish we have been catching have been hanging in 20 to 28 ft of water. On calm days we have been enjoying some schooling action as well so keep your spooks and Berkley Hollow Belly Swim Baits handy. Otherwise we have been catching them on Carolina rigs using Berkley Wacky Crawlers and Power Worms. Other good baits for us so far this week has been 10 inch Berkley Power Worms, ¾ ounce Talon Football Head jigs ( with a Berkley Twin tail grub for a trailer, a Talon Flutter Spoon and a big Berkley Power Mullet Swimbait. These baits are pretty much the staple for my summer time fishing. I will throw in a drop shot into the mix every now and then but haven’t needed it this week. As far as the line I have been using 17 pound test Berkley Trilene 100% Flouro carbon line and spooling it my ABU Garcia Vendetta Rods and ABU Garcia Revo reels. On the Carolina Rig I like the heavy action 7’6” flipping rod. It will nail those big ones in deep water and handle the battle from those deep water pigs. For a look at the Berkley Power Baits, ABU Garcia Rod and reels and the Trilene line go to Speaking of Berkley baits they have introduced some new ones that I am real excited about. Be on the look out for the all new Chigger Toad and Thump Worm. These are awesome new baits and if you are in the Lake Fork area you can get them over at Lake Fork Marina. Or order online at They have the best selection of Berkley products around. Yea the deep summer time bite has been good and I cant think of anything much more fun than pulling up on a hump and catch a bunch of big Lake Fork pigs out of deep water. It is the deal! If you would like to book a trip with us call toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop us a line at For more booking info go to and click on the trip info page. It will fill you in on some details about booking a trip with us here on Lake Fork. While you are looking at our site be sure to click on the awesome photo section for a look at tons of happy folks holding their Lake Fork trophies. You can also check us out on Facebook. Search word John Tanner. While you are in the Lake Fork area and you need boat service or are in the market for a new Ranger Bass Boat be sure and stop by Diamond Sports Marine on hwy 154. DSM carries a full line of Ranger Boats with Yamaha outboards. Speaking of Yamaha you need to test drive one of the new Vmax SHO four strokes. These new engines from Yamaha are amazing. The SHO is lighter than the 2 strokes and will out perform them. Go to for more info. When you go by or call Diamond Sports Marine schedule a test ride and be sure to tell em Tanner sent ya. For you folks in the D/FW area DSM has a new location in Rockwall Texas on hwy 276 ask for Ben Hogan. Go to for details on the new model Ranger Boats as well. The new Z-521 is awesome! Many thanks to my sponsors and I am thankful everyday to the good Lord for allowing me to do what I do. Please pray for our military and their families as they put it on the line for us each day. Also pray for my mother as she is still battling her MS. Read Galatians 6:8-9.

2010 Skeeter Owners Hourly Results

June 5, 2010

Look at the main boxes or you will be confused. I’m too lazy to type it out.

First Hour Day 1

Second Hour Day 1

Third Hour Day 1

Forth Hour Day 1

Fifth Hour Day 1

Lake Fork Crappie Guide Terri Moon June Report 2010

June 5, 2010

Summer Fun on Fork

By Terri Moon

We’ve finally hit post spawn crappie on Fork. The last of the white crappie has fin-ished spawning the past few weeks. I must say it has been an incredible year of fishing so far (proba-bly the best it’s been for several years). The crappie are mov-ing out to that 20 to 30 ft. depths and are hitting at 16 to 24 ft.
When fishing the bridges, we’re double rigging jigs about a foot apart. Some days the crappie want it straight down with little or no movement and other days they are wanting it on the fall (there is nothing more fun when this happens). Another cool thing about using two jigs is that you never know when you’ll catch them two at a time!! Recently I was reeling in two crappie with a great big bass trying his best to eat my crap-pie. It can be pretty exciting!
Now as far as fish-ing the brush, I rec-ommend only using a single jig (unless you’re fishing above the brush). But, if you are fishing down in it, a vertical presentation is best. We’ve been using 1/16 oz. jigs unless the wind gets up, then you might want to switch to a 1/8 oz. jig so it won’t drift on you as bad.
Be sure and keep a close eye on your depth finder for any changes of depth in the crappie activity. It will change through-out the day. I must say my Lowrance has to be my “number one” tool for a pro-ductive day of fish-ing.
Next, I have to give credit to “Lake Fork Marina” for always keeping up with the newest baits on the market (no matter what species you are fishing for). A big “thank you” to Cam-eron Burnett for his endless research on the “Best New Baits” available. He has definitely found a great one by Berkley Powerbait called the “Atomic Teaser.” This bait has been attracting some really big crappie (and as an added bonus, the bream and bar fish love it too).
It’s amazing the amount of color com-binations they have available. The colors I’ve been testing have been “Black Shad”, “Yellow Orange”, “Smoke Pumpkin” and my very favorite “Chartreuse Silver.” These baits have un-believable action. It’s like a miniature “gitzit” with a trailer. I’m using the 1/16 oz. size but they also come in 1/32 oz. for those of you who like a lighter jig. If you’re wanting to try some of these baits but aren’t close to Lake Fork, just give the marina a call (903-765-2764). They will be happy to ship them to you or you can or-der them on line at
Now that the kids are out of school, it’s time to pass on your love of fishing to your kids and grandkids. There is nothing I en-joy more than seeing the excitement of their first fishing ex-perience and know-ing, like me, they will remember it the rest of their lives! So make it fun for them… throw in a bucket of crickets or nightcrawlers and you’re sure to have some exciting action.
So, don’t miss out on Fork’s summer-time fun! June has to be one of my favorite months to fish.
Also, don’t forget the first weekend in June is the “Skeeter Boat Owners Tour-nament” and want to thank them for all their hard work put-ting on such a great event.
Hope to see you all on the water!
“Happy Anniversary to my mom & dad, Bob & Nova Carleton of Leesville MO… “Love you!!”

Guide Terri Moon 903-383-7773