Lake Fork Crappie Guide Terri Moon June Report 2010

Summer Fun on Fork

By Terri Moon

We’ve finally hit post spawn crappie on Fork. The last of the white crappie has fin-ished spawning the past few weeks. I must say it has been an incredible year of fishing so far (proba-bly the best it’s been for several years). The crappie are mov-ing out to that 20 to 30 ft. depths and are hitting at 16 to 24 ft.
When fishing the bridges, we’re double rigging jigs about a foot apart. Some days the crappie want it straight down with little or no movement and other days they are wanting it on the fall (there is nothing more fun when this happens). Another cool thing about using two jigs is that you never know when you’ll catch them two at a time!! Recently I was reeling in two crappie with a great big bass trying his best to eat my crap-pie. It can be pretty exciting!
Now as far as fish-ing the brush, I rec-ommend only using a single jig (unless you’re fishing above the brush). But, if you are fishing down in it, a vertical presentation is best. We’ve been using 1/16 oz. jigs unless the wind gets up, then you might want to switch to a 1/8 oz. jig so it won’t drift on you as bad.
Be sure and keep a close eye on your depth finder for any changes of depth in the crappie activity. It will change through-out the day. I must say my Lowrance has to be my “number one” tool for a pro-ductive day of fish-ing.
Next, I have to give credit to “Lake Fork Marina” for always keeping up with the newest baits on the market (no matter what species you are fishing for). A big “thank you” to Cam-eron Burnett for his endless research on the “Best New Baits” available. He has definitely found a great one by Berkley Powerbait called the “Atomic Teaser.” This bait has been attracting some really big crappie (and as an added bonus, the bream and bar fish love it too).
It’s amazing the amount of color com-binations they have available. The colors I’ve been testing have been “Black Shad”, “Yellow Orange”, “Smoke Pumpkin” and my very favorite “Chartreuse Silver.” These baits have un-believable action. It’s like a miniature “gitzit” with a trailer. I’m using the 1/16 oz. size but they also come in 1/32 oz. for those of you who like a lighter jig. If you’re wanting to try some of these baits but aren’t close to Lake Fork, just give the marina a call (903-765-2764). They will be happy to ship them to you or you can or-der them on line at
Now that the kids are out of school, it’s time to pass on your love of fishing to your kids and grandkids. There is nothing I en-joy more than seeing the excitement of their first fishing ex-perience and know-ing, like me, they will remember it the rest of their lives! So make it fun for them… throw in a bucket of crickets or nightcrawlers and you’re sure to have some exciting action.
So, don’t miss out on Fork’s summer-time fun! June has to be one of my favorite months to fish.
Also, don’t forget the first weekend in June is the “Skeeter Boat Owners Tour-nament” and want to thank them for all their hard work put-ting on such a great event.
Hope to see you all on the water!
“Happy Anniversary to my mom & dad, Bob & Nova Carleton of Leesville MO… “Love you!!”

Guide Terri Moon 903-383-7773


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