James Henderson Lake Fork Night Report August 2010

August Fork Night Report

Just a quick report on my recent night trip on Fork. The bite at Fork during the day can be as brutal as the heat with high pressure setting in, but for those willing to get on the water in the still of the night it can be very rewarding. The last trip out produced 40 fish with numerous 5 lb fish and several pushing 8 lb. not to mention break offs due to the heavy cover and techniques being used. Fish are moving to the shallows at night feeding up on bream, crawfish and big shad. The summer heat has their metabolism in high gear and these fish want large offerings.

Areas that are producing best are main lake grass lines near deep water. The fish can be targeted in 8 to 12 ft on the outside edge of grass beds and later on up shallower along retaining walls and inside edges. Although the lower lake levels from evaporation are making the inside edges more rare, if you scout around before dark you can find some of these areas to hit later. Baits can vary depending on amount of cover, type of cover, and depth I’m targeting. I have had my best luck on big baits especially for the large bite, 10-12 inch plastics and other types of baits with a large profile are working great.

A word on safety, be sure before you hit the lake that all your equipment is in order. Lights in good working order with extra bulbs in case your running light goes out. Make sure you know exactly where your safety equipment is (throw cushion, life jackets, etc.) and that you have more than one working flash light. Lastly be cautious, I am still witnessing people on the water fishing without their lights on or using illegal forms of running lights. I ran up on a boat near the lane who had a short light pole that could not be seen over his engine. He told me he did not like the light to shine in his eyes at night and the shorter pole was better for him to fish with. I also witnessed boats pulling into areas to fish and turning out their lights. Another hazard is being careful of other boats running on GPS. A lot of these guys rely on it so much that they find themselves looking at the GPS screen more than the watching what’s coming up in front of them. Remember there are others out there to watch for and buoys sometimes drift from there original positions, I know we all have seen buoys out there busted up from someone plowing into them in the dark.

If everybody just takes a little caution we can all have a great time on the water fishing at night. I currently have several openings if anybody is interested just give me a holler, or if you just want to talk fishing and want to know more about the bite on Fork.

Be Safe and Good Luck!

Pics from my last trip:


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