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September Lake Fork Bass Report Guide John Tanner

August 30, 2010

Hey Folks lets talk September bassin on Lake Fork. We had a blast last month in August and it looks like September will be a blast as well. I really look forward to this time of year as we are kind of winding down from summer and headed for some better and hopefully a little cooler weather in September. This means transition time for the bass. The water temps will start to cool a bit and usually the lake is getting a little lower due to dry conditions. The main lake can try to start turning over a bit in certain parts of the lake and this will put the fish on the move. The cleanest water will usaully be in the shallower areas and if you look it will be a better color. This holds true for just about any lake this time of year. We had a little cool front towards the end of last month and it cooled the surface temps down 5 or so degrees for a few days. The put a ton of bait fish in the shallow grass and alot of the big bass hit the shallows too feed on them. The lake level has been dropping as well and this really will group up the fish. Look for them along shallow drop with some good healhty grass and you will be in business. I am not saying the deep bite is washed up by any means. I am just letting you know that if the deep bite is not working out for you on a given day you can hit some shallower water and do good in September. When it gets like this schooling fish can be plentiful and easy to catch on shallow crankbaits like lipless crankbaits and swim baits like the Berkley Hollow Belly in the Gizzard Shad color. I really like to throw this bait over the grass when the fish are up feeding on the tons of baitfish that will run the grass early and late in the day. We have seen some incredible schooling action late last month and I look for it to continue this month as it normally does here on Lake Fork in the fall. Texas rigged Berkley Power Worms in either Blue Fleck or Plum colors on a 3/16 ounce Tru Tungsten bullet weight is a great bait to use and will catch plenty of fish this time of year in the shallows. For a look at the Berkley Hollow Belly Swim Baits and Power Baits go to .Or if you are in the Lake Fork area on a guided trip or just fun fishing go by Lake Fork Marina for a great selection of Berkley and other fine Pure fishing products.Other good choices are topwaters for early morning and late evening like 1/4 ounce Talon Buzzbaits in white and also topwater plugs like pop r type baits and frogs. The fish really seem to get on a frog bite in September and I like to use the Madd Maxx frog by Tru Tungsten ( It is an awesome frog and comes in some cool colors. Throw it on the matted stuff in the mornings and hang on. Dont foget to use a good braided line while throwing the frog like Spiderwire Ultra Cast. I like using the Low Vis Green in the 50 pound test. It cast like a dream on a ABU Garcia Revo Premier reel . You can make super long cast and really wing it out there which is important in frog fishing. The deep bite gets a little tricky this month but you can still hammer out deep if you get on the right spot. The main thing is to search the off shore structure very carefully with your electronics. I use the new Lowrance HDS8 unit and I tell you they are really good. It will show me the structure whether it be a hump, pond dam, road bed or deep point. It will show me in detail the cover on whatever structure I am searching either with its awesome Structure Scan and even the sonar itself is unmatched. Check them out on line at or if you are going to be here for the Mcdonalds tourney later in the month come by the Lowrance booth and let the Lowrance experts show you all about the awesome HDS units. They make my life alot easier while guiding here on Lake Fork and fishing FLW Tour events. Good rigs for the deep bite here on Lake Fork as always are carolina rigged Wacky Crawlers and Power Worms, drop shots using Wacky Crawlers and Talon Football Head Jigs with a Berkley Twin Tail grub for a trailer. Big Talon Flutter spoons “The Big Dandy” are good this time of year on suspended fish. Check them out at . September is here and the fall bite is shaping up already. If you would like to book a guided trip here on Lake Fork give us a ring toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop us a line at And of course you can find us on the web at Check out the awesome photo section for a look at tons of happy anglers holding their Lake Fork Trophy Bass. We will teach you all we can in a day and have a great time here on Lake Fork! While you are in the area be sure and visit our local Ranger Boat Dealer Diamond Sports Marine located on hwy154. Ask for Ben Hogan and tell em Tanner sent ya. Go by and check out the new Z521 Ranger rigged with one of the all new Yamaha VMAX SHO Four Stroke engines. One word, AWESOME!!!! I will have a 2011 demo for sale at a great price soon so if you are interested give us a ring and let us save you some serious bucks on a great boat.Go to for a look at the new model Rangers and for a look at the all new SHO Four Stroke. Remember if you want to book your fall, winter or spring trips give us a ring to make sure you get the dates you need to fit your schedule. Be sure to check out All Outdoors TV in the next couple weeks on FSN. We did a show with Bill Wilcox and it should air around the middle of the month. Thanks to Bill and gang for coming and fishing with me. I always have a blast when they come and do a show. Good Fishing and be safe.

Please pray for country as well as the sick and the lost. I am thankful to God for what I get to do each day and for what a difference He has made in my life since I turned it over to Him. Got Jesus? Read John 3:16