Ronnie Kelley October 4th Lake Fork Report

Oct. 4, 2010

With the way Fork is fishing right now you don’t want to miss out! This last week was really good, we caught good numbers and had some really good ones mixed in as well. Fall sets up to be one of my favorite times of year to fish because of the top water fishing and that’s how I have started out most days. The lake is significantly low and very dangerous to run. On top of that the water temperature has dropped the last few days and really kicked things up a notch. The temp yesterdays was in the upper 70’s. With the lake level as low as it is the fish have less areas to hide, the grass is everywhere, and it takes a lot of time to idle into big creeks, which means less pressure in some areas.

In the mornings I have been starting out with top waters and traps. The majority of top water fish have come on a small Yellow Magic, but I personally only throw the big one (grown up baits catch grown up fish), the smaller one, however, will out fish the larger one probably 5-1. I have also thrown a popping frog a lot as the fish are really getting in the matted grass. A small shad colored trap will really catch them too early, and into the day. We have focused on the major creeks where there is a point or a point in the grass. This provides a great ambush opportunity for the bass. Flats in the back of the creeks are really holding fish as well in the a.m. Once the sun comes up doesn’t mean the top water bite stops, it just means it slows down a lot, but you can really catch a giant with high skies on top water. On cloudy days the top water bite has been great all day long.

As the sun gets up I have really thrown a trap a lot, I am throwing the H2O trap in sexy shad, 3/8oz, they only sell these at Academy, and you’ll have to change the hooks though. The Mustad KVD hooks work great and I can tell you you’ll need them in a size 4 at least. Fish the trap around the grass and shallow timber; vary your retrieve until they fish tell you what they want. I use a Falcon Cara 7Med/Hvy Rod for a trap because it will really help you rip it out of the grass and Seaguar Fluoro has been another key. You can make super long cast with a trap, but it does you no good if your reeling in grass the whole time so a good rod and line with no stretch makes all the difference. Keep your eyes and ears open, the fish are schooling like crazy and you don’t want to miss that.
I have been really focusing on major creeks lately, the grass edge and channels. All the major creeks are really holding fish, wacky worms, light shaky with a ring fry, and Texas rig worms are great around the edge of the grass. Green pumpkin is a great color for a wacky worm. On the Texas Rig I really like blue fleck and plum. The creek channels are the place to stick a pig. My best presentation has been a jig. I am big in the jig fishing and now is the time. The shallower channels where the creek is only 3-6 ft deep are holding good fish and really good unders. I am fishing a Black Angel Texas Finesse jig with a small beaver trailer. My favorite color right now is Cadillac Craw. This jig has been so good lately, the big hook is key to getting the big fish in. For the deeper channels 6-15ft I am using a 1/2oz flipping jig. Lake Fork Special and Black & Blue have been KILLER!!!! Keep your boat in the channel and make small cast and pitchs to visible timber. Really focus on areas where the creek bends significantly, this is where you should catch more than one fish. We are catching some pigs on these jigs right now and this is my favorite way to fish! Make sure to bring the big boy tackle for this. I am using a 7’4” Hvy rod from Falcon with 25lb Seaguar Abrazx….it’s an absolute must, if not you’ll be the one you always hear screaming “No!!!!”

With the lake level so low I really want to encourage everyone to be careful. We get excited and want to haul to every spot but this can really be dangerous right now. Take your time, idle into areas you don’t know that well. Make sure you have your kill switch attached at all times, this could save your life. Also, make mental notes of what you see. Right now is the time to learn the lake, remember big stumps and creeks that you won’t notice when the lake raises…..this could pay off in the spring. Also, bring some kids, now is the time!!!!
I have some good dates available for October and would love to fish with you. I have the 7th, 8th, 18th & 19th open, great dates to practice for the Berkley tournament. Call me if you have any questions.

Good Fishing & God Bless,
Ronnie Kelley


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