John Morris Lake Fork Report December 2010

The fish are moving out of the creeks onto humps and long points. The reason for this is the pumping of water out of the Lake Fork to Lake Hubbard in Dallas. As of today we are down just 3 feet 1 inch. The middle of the week the wind switched from the Northwest to the South and the fishing really picked up. For the Largemouth Bass our choice of baits have been the ¼ ounce Cyclone white spinner bait and the Tackle Factory, jigging spoon in the Barr fish pattern. The Cyclone spinner bait needs to fished very slow around grass off of long points. The jigging spoon needs to be fished on old road beds and humps vertically using a slow jigging motion. A few good Bass are being caught with the Tackle Factory’s flutter spoon in the chrome with chartreuse tape, my favorite.

The White Bass are being caught in great numbers. Fish the Tackle Factory’s jigging spoon in either chrome/chartreuse or Barr fish pattern. They are in huge schools all over the lake. You will catch some pretty good Yellow Bass mixed in with the White Bass.

The Crappie are being caught by using minnows or small root beer with blue tailed jigs.

They are being caught around all of the bridges on the lake at this time.

On a safety note; Lake Fork is down over 3 feet. There are several stumps starting to show where you normally don’t seem them. With that being said, if you haven’t run a route for a while on the lake and you cut a corner short or your not sure where the stumps are, please slow down and idle through the area. Plus, when the big motor is running please wear your life jacket. Lake Fork Marina has all your fishing needs here Lake Fork and don’t forget to pick up a good supply of Tackle Factory jigging spoons.

Here at J & M Guide Service we are now booking trips for the 2011 season, look forward to fishing with you.

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