2011 Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans

I attended the event this year, my first classic to see in person. BASS did an excellent job and didn’t string the weigh in out for hours and hours like I had planned. The real highlight of the weigh in was on day 2 when Gerald Swindle brought a man with him to weigh in that looked like he was in his last days battling cancer. The whole crowd was moved by it and Swindle was choked up as well as a lot of grown men in the audience. Swindle is a class act no doubt. Ran into Swindle on bourbon street later that night and he was not at all upset by his poor weigh in.

The tackle expo at the convention center wasn’t at all what I expected. In the past I had heard a lot of new products broke ground and it was one of the main reasons I attended. There was not an unveiling of anything that really caught my eye except from Berkley with their new Havoc line. I expect with all the promotion and pros plugging it will become a staple product like zoom. Many of the pros on stage at weigh in mentioned it and a ton of people were buying them up and getting samples. Surprisingly they weren’t covered in powerbait scent, not sure if that was intended or if that is just what they had on hand.

Got to see my first Minn Kota Talon in action, flimsy bracket that flexed like crazy…not really sure how it out performs the power pole? I have seen them equipped on new boats around Fork, but no one had much field time on them and didn’t have an opinion.

Can’t wait for the 2012 Classic in Shreveport next year.


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