John Tanner Lake Fork Report Feb 27, 2011

Greetings anglers from the big bass factory. March here at Lake Fork means one thing. The big ones are on the move and heading to the shallows to participate in their annual spawn routine. It is a great time of year for the shallow water angler to come to Lake Fork and catch some really big bass. This year the water levels are low so you might find things a little different out on the lake while you are searching for those lunkers. A lot of places that you usually find them may be a bit shallow for them to move in to this spring. That being said fish those areas out in front of those pockets that have good cover and you can hit the gold mine. Fishing should be great this spring as the low water will have the bass concentrated in smaller areas. That is a good problem to have! A lot of the fish will spawn on the wood this year and that will make for some good flipping and pitching. I love to flip and pitch and I am going to love doing that with some new baits that Berkley is coming out with this spring called “Berkley Havoc”. These pro designed baits will feature the best shapes, actions and colors of anything out there. They will have several different baits and some great ones for flipping and pitching. Look for them at your local tackle retailer or when you are in the Lake Fork area swing by Lake Fork Marina. They should have them soon. So give them a try and unleash the action! Look for fish along the shallow creek beds and at the mouths of the shallow pockets along tree lines and points. Be sure to come ready for the big ones while flipping and pitching and have some strong line and a good rod and reel combo for fighting those monsters and pulling them from the heavy cover. I like to use one of the new ABU Garcia Veritas rods in a 7ft heavy action and a ABU Garcia reel spooled with 20 or 25 pound test Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon line or 50 pound test Spiderwire Ultracast Ulitmate braid. You dont want to go home and talk about the one that got away. I kinda like taking home pictures on my cell phone or digital camera if you know what I mean! Now is also a good time to catch them on wacky rigs and chatter baits. On the wacky rig I love to use the Berkley Heavy Weight Sink Worm. These baits are awesome to use and work perfect for wacky worming. The weighted material used to make the Sink Worm eliminates the need to insert a nail weight. It also cast and fishes great in the wind due to the weighted plastic used to make this awesome bait by Berkley. . On the chatterbaits I love the new swim jigs by Talon called the Shibui. These things are sweeeeet! . Lake Fork fishing in March is a hoot so if you want to catch some big ones now is the time. If you would like to book a guide trip here on Lake Fork call us toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or check us out on the web at On our website look for fishing reports, photos of monster bass, videos of monster bass and other info about coming to Lake Fork. Also check us out on facebook under John Tanner.

While you are in the area be sure and go by and visit our local Ranger Boat dealer Diamond Sports Marine located over on how 154. They are a full service Ranger dealer and carry a full line of Ranger Boats. Tell em Tanner sent ya! For info on the best bass boats in the world go to

Please pray for our troops and their families as they put it on the line for us every day. Also pray for the sick and the lost. Read John 3:16

Good fishin and God Bless,

John and Robin Tanner

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