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James Caldemeyer March 28, 2011 Lake Fork Bass Report

March 29, 2011

Just got back from Toledo Bend and making my first top 10 in the FLW Everstart Series. I was blessed and finished 7th overall. I am glad to be back home though and am excited about the great fishing that we have been having. If you were able to see the Honey Hole All Outdoors TV Shows (Part 1 and Part 2) that I filmed before I left then you know how hot the fishing has been. If you didn’t catch it on FOX, you can see it on the Honey Hole You Tube channel at


The bass fishing this past week or so has been excellent. If you are looking for the trophy catch of a lifetime, now is the time to get over to Lake Fork. The bass are spawning heavily and the big fish are very accessible. You can catch fish on a variety of different baits and patterns and will only get better as we move into April.


The lake is currently about three and a half feet low. With the lack of vegetation in most areas the water clarity has remained stained to off colored in most areas with clearer water on the south end of the lake. Water temperatures have been in the mid to high 60’s in most areas with temps reaching 70+ on the very warm days.


Most of the bass are spawning right now so the best areas have been points and pockets in the major creeks. The bass are spawning in 2-6 feet of water but there are still a number of fish staging on main lake and secondary points in 6-12 feet of water getting ready to move up. My clients and I are catching a number of fish on several different things right now. The biggest producer lately has bee the “New” Berkley Havoc line of soft plastics. You can get them right now at Lake Fork Marina. These baits come in a number of different styles, have some great action, and the colors are hot! I have been catching most of our fish on the Bobby Lane Craw Fatty and the Skeet Reese Pit Boss. Texas rigging these baits with a 1/4 – 3/8 oz tungsten weight and a 4/0 wide gap hook is best. My favorite colors so far have been Okeechobee Craw, California, Big Texan, Green Pumpkin/Red, and Watermelon Candy. Flip the shallow stumps with these and hold on. These big girls haven’t seen these baits yet and are eating them! Berkley 6” Power Lizards and 4” Power Hawgs have also been god in these same areas. Best colors have been black, black & blue, green pumpkin, and watermelon red. The main thing right now is to really slow down when fishing for these fish that are spawning. I was actually on a text and catch pattern yesterday. I would let my bait sit while I answered a text and get a bite… ha ha! That should tell you how slow you must fish for these bites. For feeding bass, shallow crank baits, chatter baits, and jerk baits have been excellent worked around shallow cover.


There are already a few post spawn fish starting to move out deeper and it will not be long before you see some great fishing for hungry bass in 15-25 ft. These fish will be congregated around bait on these deep structure areas and will be feeding heavily. Having good electronics like my Lowrance HDS units is a big advantage. If you find these fish grouped up, DD22’s, Carolina rigs, and big jigs are the ticket to loading the boat.


I hope this helps you in your pursuit of a trophy Lake Fork largemouth bass! If you are interested in booking a trip with me to fish on Lake Fork, you can contact me anytime by phone at (903)736-9888 or just send me an email at You can also visit my website for more information about Lake Fork I also have a new site up and going with more fishing info at and of course you can reach me (James Caldemeyer) on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.


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Tight Lines and God Bless,

James Caldemeyer


John Morris Lake Fork Report 3/23/2011

March 24, 2011


J & M Guide Service

Lake Fork, Texas


WOW let the March winds blow, the Dogwoods bloom and the Bass bite.  It has been a great week for the Bass fisherman.  With the full moon on the 19th the Bass moved in to almost of the major and sub-creeks here at Lake Fork.  The fish had to put up with water temperatures moving up and down from 56 to 59 degrees on Sunday and Monday but when Tuesday arrived the water temperatures raised to 65 degrees and by Saturday the water temperatures made it to almost 70 degrees.  The buck (male) Bass were moving quickly into Burch and White Oak Creeks looking for places to make a bed.   We fished the outer edges of the sub-creeks with V & M lizards and V & M Chop Sticks.  Yep you guessed it, the color of choice was watermelon red with chartreuse tail’s.  Use Chartreuse Spike-it on the tails.  We fished the V & M lizard Texas rigged using an Eagle Claw LO45 4/0 hook and a 3/16 slip sinker.  The way we fished the Chop Stick was using an Eagle Claw LO45 hook with a 1/8 ounce split shot about 18 inches up from the hook.  The real secret of all of this is “SLOW”.  You cannot fish these baits slow enough.


With the wind continuing to be 20 to 25 miles an hour out of the south in afternoon, boating safety is paramount.  My safety tip for the week is if you have a kill switch on your outboard motor make sure it is attached to your life jacket and by the way wear your life jacket.


The friendly folks at Lake Fork Marina has a large selection of V & M products on hand, so stop in and say hello and pick up a good supply of lizards and Chop Sticks.


If you need a fishing guide, we have a few dates open in March and April here at J & M Guide Service. (Toll Free 1-888-454-7037)  Have a safe fishing week from us here at J & M guide Service.  Don’t forget to wear your” Life Jacket”.


J & M Guide Service

John Morris



Giant Crappie released by Guide Terri Moon

March 20, 2011

James Caldemeyer & Honey Hole All Outdoors

March 20, 2011

Watch some sick pre spawn fishin’ on Lake Fork.




2011 Lake Fork Spawn is on!

March 19, 2011

After two of the longest and most frustrating weeks I can remember…. the spawn is here.  It has been soooo close…finally I’m hearing of bedfish in about 15 different locations north to south.  Extreme backs of creeks…muddy water makes them harder to see, but people are pulling them out.

Had several night reports from guys using black spinnerbaits that TORE the prespawners up on timber mainlake.

James Henderson Lake Fork Report 3-18-11

March 18, 2011

Lake is currently above full pool an rising with temps in the low 50‘s
rising up to mid 60‘s on sunny warm days. The lake is mostly dingy in the
backs of the main arms clearing to stained near the dam. I have been
finding new sprigs of Hydrilla growth in some areas .

Fishing is inconsistent due to frontal passages and night time air temps
dropping into the 30’s and 40‘s. The night time temps will be the key to
stable patterns developing as we move into the spring. Recent trips have
had between 10 to 30 bites, and fish in the double digit range being
caught. There are currently fish in several phases: late winter,
pre-spawn and spawn. There are presently males in great numbers shallow
during the warm trends. Females can also be found shallow on sunny warm
days but many are preferring the nearest break in water depth like a
creek channel or drop off. With the severe winter killing off most of the
vegetation fish are relating mainly to timber.

Primary baits for me have been lipless rattle baits, Senko type baits,
spinner baits, wacky rigs, and jerk baits. With fish making a move
towards the beds lures that usually produce the best for bedding fish are
tubes, lizards, and creature baits. Another technique that’s producing
numbers for the tournament fishermen is the drop shot around vertical
structure and deeper water near bedding areas.

My bigger fish have been coming on the lipless rattle baits in red and on
shad or chrome colors. I prefer to use the chrome/gold color on sunny
days and in clearer water and the red/crawfish colors in dingy water or
cloudy days. I usually preach ripping the rattle baits in grass, but with
little grass available try popping and twitching the bait to trigger
strikes across flats and around timber.
The Senko type bait is working well either weightless Texas rigged or
wacky. Some days you have to dead stick it , and other days they want it
moving a little faster, so play with the retrieve until you find what is
working best. Best colors have been natural hues of green.
Spinner baits in white or white/chartreuse, 1/4oz to 3/8oz size, are
also producing worked around cover. Try varying the depth of
presentation, working the bait anywhere from just below the surface to
where it can barely be seen. Work it around timber bumping off stumps
and lay downs to trigger reaction bites on tough days.
The wacky rig, although not usually known as a big fish bait if fished
correctly can produce as good as any presentation this time of year. I
normally rig with a straight tail worm or soft stick bait in natural
hues. Fish will usually hit it on the fall so work it slowly, lifting
your rod tip to raise it and allow it to fall slowly with occasional
Stick baits or hard jerk baits are starting to come on strong and will
get better as the spawn progresses. I prefer a gold with black back
floating jerk bait at this time of year. I like to cast it out and let it
set just a few seconds. Then just twitch my rod tip to make it wobble and
flit around on the surface. This is excellent for drawing strikes around
bedding bass and they will annihilate it at times. After twitching it on
the surface then start to work it down with a series of sharp twitches
and snaps of your rod tip. The strikes will almost always occur as your
raising your rod while the bait is sitting still in the water column. Be
sure you have premium hooks on because a lot fish will swipe at the bait
and good hooks will ensure you catch fish that slap at the bait. Your rod
for this presentation needs to have a slow action, a quality glass , or
composite cranking stick works best, allowing you to impart the most
action to the bait and still land fish that are hooked in the side or
outside the mouth.
With fish relating to timber so much the jig and pig is also working well
and an excellent BIG fish bait. Flip jigs or Texas rigged creature baits
to timber on structure such as along creek channel bends, ditches ledges,
etc. This is an excellent bait after a cold front when the fish pull out
to the breaks and get tight to cover. Be alert, because the bites can be

As you can see a lot of techniques are producing right now, some better
than others. The number one determining factor is the stage the fish are
in that you are targeting. You can catch pre-spawn still, with the first
wave of fish moving into spawn mode. Pick the technique to fit the
situation and you will catch fish. It won’t be long before the majority
of fish will be in full blown spawn.
If I can be of any help to anyone or if you have a question, just give
me a call. I do have a few days at the end of this month open and
several days next month if anyone is interested. I still have dates
available for April but they are going quick so if your still in need of
a guide just give a holler.

John Morris Lake Fork Report Early March 2011

March 4, 2011


J & M Guide Service 

This week we had warming water temperatures and moderate winds.  The water temperatures rose up to 59 degrees, which started fish to start moving up in the creeks to look for their favorite spawning area.  Numerous fish from 3 pounds to 11 pounds were caught this week on a variety of baits.  The two baits we had the best luck with was a

V & M Super High Tail and a V & M 5 inch Chop Stick.  With wind picking up in the afternoon we used an ¼ ounce split shot 18 inches in front of the black and blue Chop Stick.  The way we fished it was just pull along the bottom and every third or forth turn of your reel handle, take you rod tip and move up about 6 inches.  This gives the Chop Stick a slight up and down motion.  Keep an eye on your line because most of the time the fish would hit the bait on the fall and just swim off with it.  The Super High Tail was fished Texas rigged using an Eagle Claw 4/0 LO45 hook.  The best color for the Super High Tail was watermelon red and I dyed the tails chartreuse, (about ½ inch).  We pitched it in the small stick ups in about four to five foot of water.  The bite was very light so keep an eye on the line, if it moves, be setting the hook.

Well our March madness at Lake Fork starts tomorrow.  Please be courteous to your fellow fishermen.  There is 27,000 acres to fish in here at Lake Fork and plenty of fish to go around.

The good folks at Lake Fork Marina have a good selection of V & M products to select from for the up coming Bass spawn here at Lake Fork, so stop in and say hello and stock up on your favorite tackle.  If you brought your wife and she is looking for something to do, go online and check out the Winnsboro City Chamber of Commerce web site or the Lake Fork Area Chamber of Commerce web site for hints on what to do in the area.

If you need a fishing guide, we still have a few openings here at J & M Guide Service for the months of March and April, so give us a call at 1-888-454-7037 (Toll Free).

Good Fishing

John Morris

J & M Guide Service