John Morris Lake Fork Report Early March 2011


J & M Guide Service 

This week we had warming water temperatures and moderate winds.  The water temperatures rose up to 59 degrees, which started fish to start moving up in the creeks to look for their favorite spawning area.  Numerous fish from 3 pounds to 11 pounds were caught this week on a variety of baits.  The two baits we had the best luck with was a

V & M Super High Tail and a V & M 5 inch Chop Stick.  With wind picking up in the afternoon we used an ¼ ounce split shot 18 inches in front of the black and blue Chop Stick.  The way we fished it was just pull along the bottom and every third or forth turn of your reel handle, take you rod tip and move up about 6 inches.  This gives the Chop Stick a slight up and down motion.  Keep an eye on your line because most of the time the fish would hit the bait on the fall and just swim off with it.  The Super High Tail was fished Texas rigged using an Eagle Claw 4/0 LO45 hook.  The best color for the Super High Tail was watermelon red and I dyed the tails chartreuse, (about ½ inch).  We pitched it in the small stick ups in about four to five foot of water.  The bite was very light so keep an eye on the line, if it moves, be setting the hook.

Well our March madness at Lake Fork starts tomorrow.  Please be courteous to your fellow fishermen.  There is 27,000 acres to fish in here at Lake Fork and plenty of fish to go around.

The good folks at Lake Fork Marina have a good selection of V & M products to select from for the up coming Bass spawn here at Lake Fork, so stop in and say hello and stock up on your favorite tackle.  If you brought your wife and she is looking for something to do, go online and check out the Winnsboro City Chamber of Commerce web site or the Lake Fork Area Chamber of Commerce web site for hints on what to do in the area.

If you need a fishing guide, we still have a few openings here at J & M Guide Service for the months of March and April, so give us a call at 1-888-454-7037 (Toll Free).

Good Fishing

John Morris

J & M Guide Service



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