Giant Crappie released by Guide Terri Moon


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4 Responses to “Giant Crappie released by Guide Terri Moon”

  1. Clifton Stone Says:

    Congratulations!! Two beautiful crappie, were you using Bob Young’s Jigs ?

  2. John Richmond Says:

    Hi Terri,

    I had dinner with Audy Long and Mike Beiler the other night and they mentioned their enjoyable fishing trip with you….even with the high-winds!!!

    I enjoyed my crappie fishing trip with you last year, and would like to a repeat this year. What open dates do you have this spring and the fee. I would like to invite the same neighbor that joined me last year.

    O’ I almost forgot to ask…how did the Missouri mushroom trip go last year??

    John Richmond

  3. Phillip Tyler Says:


    I have called 3 times to alert you that we won’t be getting to Lake Fork until Wednesday evening next week. I had you booked for Wed. and Thur. We still want Thur. and would take another day while we are there if possible. My fault, and I am sorry! My phone # is 641-344-2145.
    Phil Tyler, Creston, Iowa

  4. Michael Says:

    Good job Terri! I hope to get up there soon.

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