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Zoom Tomato Trick and Finesse worms in stock

April 30, 2011

I have about 175 packs in stock, I sent out texts to the guys I knew waiting.


James Caldemeyer Lake Fork Trophy Bass Report 4-25-2011

April 26, 2011

Lake Fork is really going strong right now. Despite the weather and lots of wind, we have still managed to have lots of excellent fishing days with lots of numbers and big fish too. There have been several days recently that my clients and I have had 30-40 fish before lunch. The end of April and entering into May is such an awesome time to be out here because you can catch so many fish on lots of different patterns and techniques.

We have some rain coming through the area right now and forecasts are indicating that we may see some more much needed rain over the next 24 hours. Right now the lake level is sitting just under 3 ½ feet low. Water conditions are fair with water temperatures in the 70’s. The water is very stained in most of the northern part of the lake with all the high south winds churning those areas up and clearer water mid-lake to the south end.

The top water bite has been real good early or on cloudy days. Walking baits, poppers, and buzz baits in shad patterns or white have been best. If you can find areas where there is grass starting to grow or small lily pads sprouting, you are in the right spot. Square bill crank baits in shad or bream patterns have been really good fished around points, over the grass, and deflected off the stumps in 2-6 feet. If you get in some clearer water, be sure to try working a swim bait the same way as the square bill. I am using the 5” Berkley Hollow Belly in ayu or gizzard shad colors. Hold on to your rod tight because when they hit these baits its full force!

Texas rigged or weightless senkos in green pumpkin or watermelon red have also produced well along with the “new” Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty and Pit Boss. Flipping and pitching these baits tight on the stumps has been key. There are a number of bass still spawning and they are holding tight to the timber. If the bite slows, try a drop shot with small finesse worms in these same areas. These fish can be finicky and although the drop shot is not my favorite technique, it has been very productive this spring. I am rigging mine with 1/0 drop shot hook about 14” or less above a 1/4 oz weight with any finesse type worm for best results.

The deep bite has started to pick up as well. I am graphing schools of fish on my Lowrance HDS unit in 16-22 feet feeding on schools of shad. Points, roadbeds, humps, and ridges at or near the mouth of major spawning creeks are good areas to concentrate on. My go to baits are a blue fleck, camo, or green pumpkin 7”-10” Berkley Powerbait Worm, Berkley Shaky Worm, or a Berkley Wacky Crawler on a Carolina rig. I prefer a 7’3” – 7’6” medium heavy rod like the Abu Garcia Veritas with a 1 ounce Affordable Tungsten weight and a 4-5 foot leader. If you are looking for a great tungsten weight without inserts and at a great price, you can check them out at When you get on a good group of fish, you will have a blast catching these hungry post spawn Lake Fork bass.

I hope this helps all you anglers that are headed to Lake Fork this month in pursuit of a trophy bass! If you would like to book a guided trip on Lake Fork, feel free to contact me at (903)736-9888 or email me at My summer and fall schedule for 2011 is already filling fast so get your reservations in now for best available dates. You can also visit me at or at my new site I am really enjoying my new 2011 Ranger Z521 Comanche paired with a Mercury Optimax 250 Pro XS . This new ride is an amazing machine! If you haven’t checked one of these boats out yet you can go by and see one at Diamond Sports Marine on Hwy 154 while you are in the area. Test rides are available upon request. Just give Ben Hogan a call at (903)383-7829 and he’ll be glad to help you find the Ranger boat that is right for you. Again, a big thanks to all my sponsors: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, I Am Second, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Oakley, Lowrance, Talon Lures, Interstate Batteries, Line & Lure Conditioner, BTS, Navionics, Sure Life, Power Pole, Hamby’s, and Affordable Tungsten.

John 14: 3 – And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

Tight Lines and God Bless,

James Caldemeyer

John Morris April Fishing Report

April 23, 2011


J & M Guide Service

15 – 22 April 2011

The past several days we have seen numerous weather fronts past through the area.  The water temperatures have ranged from 63 degrees in the south part of the lake to the lower 70’s in the upper part of Birch Creek.  The Largemouth Bass have been moving in and out as the water temperatures move up and down.  Our Largemouth Bass here at Lake Fork like  68 to 70 degree water to spawn in.   During the full moon of April we still had bass in Burch Creek trying to spawn due to the varying water temperatures. 

During the past week the Bass have liked two baits, one is V&M Chop Stick and of course the good ole’ V&M Lizard.   I you were fishing the creeks above the 515 bridge, the color of choice is watermelon/red for both the lizard and Chop Stick.  A lot of the creeks south of the 515 bridge are starting to really clear up. So with that being said, watermelon seed has been working better.  The way we are fishing the Chop Stick is with a Eagle Claw LO45 4/0 hook and a small piece of split shot 18” above the hook.  We are fishing the lizard Texas style using an Eagle Claw LO45 4/0 hook and a South Bend 3/16 oz. bullet slip sinker.  Both of the baits you can’t fish slow enough.  The fish are vary finicky so “slow that bait down”.  Most of the good fish are in 2 to 5 foot of water.  Lake Fork Marina has a great selection of  bait and tackle for your enjoyment on Lake Fork.

For those who follow my articles week to week know I usually have a safety tip of the week.  This week we have had two boats sunk here on Lake Fork due to heavy water conditions.  You might ask what is heavy water.  It is rollers (waves) over 4 feet high.  This week we have winds over 30 miles an hour, three different days and we saw rollers over 5 feet on a couple of occasions.  If you have a small boat you should not be on the lake in those kind of conditions.  Plus always wear you life vest!

We are now taking bookings for May and June fishing trips here a J & M Guide Service.  So give us a call at (Toll Free) 1-888-454-7037.  Have a great week and look forward to fishing with you.

J & M Guide Service

(John Morris)



John Tanner Mid April Fishing Report 2011

April 23, 2011
Well folks its mid april and here is an updated Lake Fork fishing report. Current lake levels are 399.70 as of 4/19. Surface water temps very from 67 to 74 degrees depending on your location. There are a few different patterns going on now as the spring rolls along. You have alot of fish that have already spawned, some on beds and some yet to spawn. This makes it fun. Now we have had a good bit of wind this spring so finding areas to fish has required some moving around and trailering to other ramps to avoid long boat rides but it has been working out good. It hasnt been rough every day but you know in the spring we are going to have some wind. its just part of the time of year. If you like to flip wood now is a good time to be here at Lake Fork. there are a ton of fish relating to the stumps in the shallow spawning coves and creeks as well the shallow points at the mouths of the coves. This is the case most of the time when the water is low in the spring like it is now. The trees will support spawning fish as the fish like to use the base of the bigger stumps to nest. The trees will also support fish that are gaurding fry. These fish are usually pretty aggresive and will attack your bait when it gets close to the ball of fry. Good bait choices are flipping baits like the new Berkley Havoc “Pit Boss” and “Craw fatty”. Good colors are green pumpkin, california, big tex and balsk blue. I like to rig these baits on 20 pound Berkley Trilene 100% flourocarbon line using a 5/16 ounce Tungsten sinker by Affordable Tungsten and also a 5/0 Mustad Mega Bite Hook. For the rod and reel combo I really like to use the new ABU Garcia Veritas Rods along with one of the ABU Garcia Revo Premier reels. Man what a set up! For a look at the new Berkley Havoc baits and ABU Garcia products go to or if you are in the Lake Fork area be sure and go by Lake Fork Marina. They have the best selection in the Lake Fork area. Tell em tanner sent ya! Other good ways to catch them off of the trees is using wacky rigged plastics like the Berkley Heavy Weight Sink Worm in watermelon/red and green pumpkin/watermelon as well as floating jerkbaits like a gold rattling rogue. I am starting to see some small patches of milfoil growing along some of the sandy spots along the banks. There are some fish gaurding fry in this stuff too so start throwing your topwaters like the Pop r’s and buzzbaits like the Talon Buzzbait in white. Keep in mind the bluegill are starting to head in so if you see em keep those Hollow Belly blue gill colored swim baits ready. Talk about fun, when they get on the swim bait you wont want to fish anythign else. they will smash it! Could be anyday so keep your eyes peeled for the blue gill beds to get thick. Now some of the early spawners are already over the spawn and out on deeper water feeding up and getting back on their feet. Some of the shallower humps and points will have some crank bait fish along with some carolina rig and texas rigged10 inch Power Worm fish. So if you are struggling in the shallows head out deeper crank up your Lowrance and find you a school of fish on some off shore structure and go to town on em. I like to use the Lowrance HDS units. These units are awesome and with the addition of the Lowrance Structure Scan you just cant beat them. I have been using Lowrance for years and I can tell you from experience that they are the best out there with the best definition and resolution. Go to and give them a look.Yea there is alot going on right now here on the Fork. Alot of different patterns and techniques are in play so come on out and get in on the action. This is a good time of year to catch some big ones and enjoy the spring weather. If you would like to book a guided trip here on Lake Fork for call us tolls free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop us a line at From the beginner to the expert we will do our best to make your trip to Lake Fork one to remember . Be sure and click on the photo section for a look at a ton of happy anglers holding their Lake Fork trophies. For more booking info click on the trip info page. While you are in the area and need service or are in the market for a new or used boat be sure and go by Diamond Sports Marine on hwy 154 our local Ranger Boat dealer . They carry a full line of Ranger Boats  and have a service and parts dept to support you. See Ben Hogan and tell him I sent you or my 2011 model pro staff boat will be available soon. It is a Ranger Z521 rigged with a Mercury 250ProXS  and Lowrance HDS electronics. If you are interested in saving some big bucks on an awesome boat give me a ring. I sell these low hour boats quite often and can make you a great deal. Well that is about it for now so hopefully these fishing tips will help you here on Lake Fork. Be sure to check our new ministry website .And if you are on facebook give us a look and lets link up. You can find me just search for John Tanner.  Please pray for our country and our troops as they fight for our freedom. Also pray for all of the folks that lost thier homes in the fires that have been raging through west Texas this past week. Read Psalm 37:4   
John Tanner
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Tom Redington Lake Fork Report April 7th, 2011

April 7, 2011

Bass are in all stages of spawn right now on Lake Fork—prespawn, spawning, and postspawn. I’d estimate about 50% of the fish have spawned so far and we will have fish on beds into early May as usual. Because of the variety of patterns, Fork is fishing wide open right now and you can fish your strengths. Either pick a style of fishing that you’re good at and find a part of the lake where the fish are doing that, or pick a part of the lake you know well and figure out what spawning stage the bass are in there and work them over. The prespawn fish are heavier but a bit more here today, gone tomorrow. The spawning fish are moody but make for fantastic fishing if you find them moving up, either by sight fishing or fishing soft plastics. The postspawn fish feed the most aggressively and are predominately females right now because the males are still guarding beds in most cases.

We’ve had so much wind lately that I’ve concentrated mostly on the postspawn patterns on my guide trips. The wind allows for big baits with heavy gear and you can run the patterns from spot to spot and catch a lot of fish. Most of these fish are skinny, beat up females that now weigh 3 to 6 lbs, with some 8s thrown in the mix. Because there is very limited grass on Fork this year, bass are transitioning to points and structure very quickly and grouping up already. When another major wave of spawners hit the bank, it’ll be time to move back up shallow to take advantage of the easy pickings.

Look for the spawn to continue for about another month. After that, it’s topwaters for post spawners and then our best deep water structure bite of the year for big fish with deep cranks, Carolina rigs and football jigs from May into July.

If you haven’t caught it yet, I’m a frequent participant and host of “The Big Bass Battle” on Versus. The show also runs on WFN (World Fishing Network), as well as on Time Warner cable in the Dallas area. More new episodes will air in a couple weeks, with trips to Fork, LA, and MS.

Lake Conditions: Storms and fronts have the lake level, clarity, and temps bouncing around a bit. The lake level is currently 399.71’ (about 3’ 3” below full pool) and a ton of stumps are now visible. The boat lanes are still safe to run in general, but definitely exercise caution when heading out of the clear-cut areas. Water temps were reading 61 to 67 yesterday in the main lake, after being up to 71 on Saturday. The main lake is the normal greenish clear color but many creeks and the upper end of the lake are pretty stained due to all of the wind. There remains very little grass on Fork but I’m starting to see more and more milfoil popping up and a bit of hydrilla coming back too.

Location Pattern: For prespawn and staging fish, key on points and along edges of flats or creek channels. With very little grass on the lake this year, bass are relating to the timber. During warming trends, follow bass back into the creeks and check the edges of flats and creek channels. After the fronts, drop back to deeper water adjacent to where the fish were before the front and you’ll quickly relocate them. For spawning fish, look for protected bays in the north end of the lake or at the very backs of major creeks. As the water continues to warm and we move through April, bass will start spawning nearer the mouths of creeks and in deeper creeks. The main lake flats are typically the last areas to spawn, often as late as early-May.

Presentation Pattern: No real changes here, although just about every category of lure in the tackle box will be working by later this month. For prespawn and postspawn bass, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jigs, and lipless crankbaits will catch bass, especially on overcast and windy days. First and foremost are lipless crankbaits in ½ or ¾ oz, like the Lucky Craft LV500 and LVR D-7. Red and crawfish colors are most popular and they often work well, although oddball colors often produce better on any given day. ½ oz Redemption spinnerbaits with tandem or double willow blades with white or chartreuse and white skirts will produce some nice bass in the same areas that the lipless cranks work, as will shallow running crankbaits like Lucky Craft RC 2.0 or BDS4 square bills. For big bass, try swimming a 4.5” Live Magic Shad on the back of a ½ oz Phenix Vibrator Jig and fish it in the same areas you’d throw a spinnerbait. White or white/chartreuse vibrator jigs with Sun Perch or Albino Shad Live Magic Shads work well. And for a real prespawn monster, pitching heavy cover along the first breakline and creek channels is the way to go. I go with a 3/8 oz MPack Jig in black and blue or green pumpkin with a Lake Fork Craw or Hyper Freak trailer in matching colors. For the Texas rig, I’ll pitch a Lake Fork Flipper or Hyper Freak in black neon, Bama Bug or watermelon/red with a 1/8 to 3/8 oz bullet weight and slowly work it around cover. The new Dobyns DX745C Extreme rod rigged with 40 lb HyperBraid has been landing the light biting bass from the thickest timber without fail.

For bass that have moved onto spawning flats, weightless Texas rigged or wacky rigged soft plastic jerkbaits like Magic Shads, Live Magic Shads, and the Hyper Stick become your best option. The Hyper Stick combines the shape of Senko-style stick worm baits with the segmented body action of the Live Magic Shad. The result is a worm with unique action from even the slightest rod movement. Shades of green pumpkin and watermelon are normally top colors, but don’t forget Magic Craw Swirl and Blue Bruiser with the muddy water this year. These fish are often spooky, so long casts are key. For weightless soft plastic jerkbaits, I like using the Dobyns Champion 733C with 20 lb FluoroHybrid Pro line. The 7’3” rod whips the baits out there, while it still has enough backbone to drive the hook through thick worms on long casts. The FluoroHybrid Pro line has the feel and invisibility of fluorocarbon, yet it casts well and ties strong knots like mono—it’s truly the best of both worlds.

Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Good Fishing,


James Henderson Lake Fork Spring Night Report

April 7, 2011

Lake Conditions:
Lake Fork is currently 4 ft low with lake water temps reaching the upper
60’s due to a warmer than average March. Safety is a number one concern
with the low water and many stumps showing themselves it is very
dangerous. If you don’t know the lake use extreme caution and fish waters
near the launch area at night. I have noticed many anglers flirting with
danger by being on the lake with out proper lighting, making it more
dangerous for them and others.

Key areas to find night time marauders are bedding pockets and coves,
with bigger females coming on areas adjacent to main lake or creek

Best presentations are big 10-12 inch Texas rigged worms in black blue or
blue fleck colors. Big craw worms like Gene Larew salt craws and lizards
will also work. Running a black or black blue spinner bait with a #5 or
#6 Colorado blade is a dynamite way to cover water on large spawning
flats and can be very exciting when the big girls slam it. If you want to
be more of a sportsman, try a Drop shot on light line worked around
docks. Its an exciting way to battle a big fish, but the real big ones
might make you sorry you tried it.

Spring time on Fork is in full swing with plenty of fish being caught,
but like every year the fishing pressure is reaching a fevered pitch. Now
is a great time to escape the hordes of anglers beating the banks to a
froth, by getting out at night. Most anglers are unaware that some of the
best fishing is happening while they are fast asleep. Areas that are
producing small males during the day are producing big females moving up
from the break-lines to feed and to spawn. Really big fish avoid the
pressure of the day and take advantage of low light conditions. This is
my favorite time to enjoy the peaceful night time fishing on Fork and
catch the fish of a lifetime.

Ronnie Kelley Lake Fork April 2011 Video Report

April 1, 2011