Guide John Morris Early July 2011 report

It was great to back on the water this week.  Even though our lake is down 4 feet and the water temperatures are reaching 88 degrees the Bass were really biting.   In this report I will break down the day in three time periods.  So with that being said lets get started.


Midnight to 5:30 AM:

     Night fishing here at Lake Fork has always been special.  With that being said, the bait selection has not changed over the years.   Three baits which include a 12 inch black worm, a black three bladed buzz bait and a black spinner bait.  This week the black 14 inch V & M giant worm was the ticket.  We used a 3/8 ounce South Bend bullet weight with a 4/0 Eagle Claw LO45 hook rigged Texas style.  With this big worm I suggest at a 7 foot heavy action rod with at least 17 pound test line on your real.  The bite was very light so you had to be on top of your game.  If the rod tip started to load up (get heavy), set the hook.   Just about 5:00 PM the top water bite started and we used the three bladed buzz bait until just after day light.


5:30 AM to 10:00 AM:

     I switched to a big white buzz bait around 6:00 AM and fished it to around 7:00 AM. Then we went to a crankbait.  This week it was all about the KVD 1.5 in silver shad color.  We caught numerous Bass around the edges of the grass in 2 to 5 foot of water.  If there was an isolated stick up a round the edge of the grass you need to make several cast in that area because the bass were there.  The fish would really strike the bait hard so hold that rod tight.


10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

     Well about 10:00 AM it was time to head for the deep water.  This week the Tackle Factory (Joe Spaits) jigging spoon was the ticket.  We used the ½ ounce spoon in the chrome and blue pattern.  We fished isolated brush piles on ditch and creek drop off’s.  Most of our bites came in about 22 to 24 foot.  They wanted the bait fished vertically, really slow.  When the fish hit the bait it was a very light strike and the rod tip would just get heavy.  Be patient and the fish will bite.


For all of you that follow my reports you know I usually have a Safety tip.  Well this report is no different.  This time of year it is all about pumping water.  For the last few weeks the air temperature has reached the high 90’s every day.  This means you sweat a lot and loose a tremendous amount of body fluids and you will get dehydrated very quickly.  You need to drink at least a half of gallon of water every hour.  That seems like a lot but you need to replace the fluids that you are sweating out.  Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are common this time of year if you don’t keep up with your fluids.  “Drink water”!


For all of your Lake Fork tackle needs you can see the friendly folks at Lake Fork Marina tackle shop where you can stock on V & M worms and Joes spoons.  Stay cool this week and drink plenty of fluids.


J & M Guide Service

(John Morris)




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