John Tanner July 8th, 2011 Lake Fork Report

Greetings from Lake Fork Texas! Can you believe it is July already? It just seems like this year is flying by and boom here we are in summer time already. Well I guess like the old saying goes, time flies when you are having fun! And fun we are having here on Lake Fork. This time of year when the hot weather comes the fish move into their summer patterns. This is one my favorite times of year because the bass get into really big schools and set up on deep off shore structure. Now this summer with the water levels being low due to lack of rain it really bunches the fish up in even bigger schools because of less places to go. As of July 4th the water level here on Lake Fork was 399.71 according to the USGS website. That is a little over 4 feet down from normal pool. I like it at this level and even lower because it really stacks the fish up in places where you can really catch em. I am not saying you can’t catch them in shallow water this time of year because you can. Some of the major creek channels along the channel bends will hold big concentations of fish as well but I just know the deep bite can really shine when the conditions are such as they are now. Now early in the morning along the main lake points you can catch some good ones early on topwaters like the Berkley Frenzy Popper and on texas rigged Berkley Power Worms in Blue Fleck or Plum color. White Talon Buzzbaits and medium running crank baits work well too in the first hour of the day. Some of these fish will move up really shallow in pursuit of the shad they are feeding on. This bite can be short and sweet as the sun pops up so hit it early. After the early morning shallow bite is done try going back into one of the major creeks and hit the channel bends in say 8 to 12 ft with the same texas rigged Power Worms or a 1/2 ounce Talon Jig in Texas Craw color tipped with a Berkley Chigger Craw for a trailer in green pumpkin. This is a deadly combo. These fish will school in these areas as well so be ready with you topwater baits for explosive action. In the mornings the main lake points will have some schooling activities from time to time also so be ready. On these deeper water schooling fish the topwater is a good way to go but so is a Talon Big Flutter Spoon and a Berkley Jerk Shad rigged on a Mustad weighted hook in the pearl white color. On the deep fish that are hanging around the humps , pond dams, road beds, deep points etc. Go with the carolina rigged Power worms or here is a new one for you. Berkley has a new line of soft plastics that recently hit the market called Berkley Havoc. ( ). Berkley Havoc comes in several new shapes and colors and are designed by some of top Pros like Larry Nixon, Gary Klien, Skeet Reece just to name a few. They have flipping baits such as the Pit Boss and Craw Fatty, twin tail grub called the Duece to use for jig trailers and even a new worm called the Bottom Hopper that comes in two fish catching sizes. I have been cleaning up using the Bottom Hopper on a carolina rig and shaky head here lately. As a matter of fact one day on one of my guide trips we caught so many on the Bottom Hopper Worm I had to drop my guys of for lunch and go to Lake Fork Marina and pick up 4 more bags to get through the day. It was a hoot! Look for these deep fish on deep points , humps, road beds or submerged pond dams. Crank up your sonar unit and have a look at the area. I use Lowrance electronics and have for years ( ). I really like to use the new HDS units because of their power and clarity. I can see what is really down there making each day on the water more and more productvie. It will show me cover , bait fish and the bass. To take it one step further check out the Structure Scan and Down Scan Imaging. The Lowrance GPS Mapping will help you find the hot spots and you can dial it in with the Structure Scan finding the cover and other goodies others are not seeing. Once I find some deep fish on a spot most of the time the Carolina Rig will be the first thing I will use. It will usually catch the first few quickly and get the school fired up a bit. I will then follow if the bite slows down with the 3/4 ounce Talon football jig ( ), the 10 or 12 inch texas rigged Berkley Power Worm or the Big Talon Spoon. I might even try the Berkley Power Mullet Swim Bait. On my carolina rigs and texas rigs I will use Tungsten weights by Affordable Tungsten ( ) and Mustad Hooks all the time. With the feel of the tungsten you will be able to catch more fish simply because you are feeling the cover and each bite better. It is way more sensative then lead sinkers and if you use Berkley Trilene 100% Flourocarbon line along with the Affordable Tungsten it makes it even more sensative. Trilene Flourocarbon line is very strong and sensative and is the best I have fished with. I dont know what kind of hooks you are using but I tell you with the hooks from Mustad you cant go wrong. Mustad makes hooks for every kind of fishing in the world and has been doing so for years. I love the Mega Bite worm hook on my soft plastics because of their chemically sharpended point, offset shank and extra wide bend.They even make the worlds best swivels. Check them out at ( ). There is a lot of excellent equipment available for the fisherman these days and it will truly help your fishing and make for more productive days on the water. Everything keeps getting better and better. Especially the rods and reels. I have been using the new ABU Garcia Veritas rods for a while now. These new rods are really something and a joy to fish with all day. The Veritas is super sensative and very strong. This rod along with one of the new ABU Garcia Revo MGX reels is no doubt one of the most awesome rod and reel combos on the market today. The new Revo MGX is the lightest baitcast reel on the market at 5.4 ounces. Is that amazing or what!  Go to your local retailer and put one in your hands, they are awesome! Yes summer time fishing here on Lake Fork has kicked into full gear. Its a great time of year to catch fish and hone in on your deep water fishing skills. It is also a good time to night fish for you night owls. It is much cooler and can be awesome. If you would like to book a guided trip with us here on Lake Fork and find out what this deep water off shore fishing for big bass is all about or if we can be of any help drop us a line at or give a call at 903-569-7451. From the beginner to the expert we will do our best to make your trip to Lake Fork one to remember. For more booking info click on the trip info page and be sure to click on the awesome vidoes and have a look also at our awesome photo section. Tons of happy folks holding their Lake Fork Trophy. We even do cooprate outings with lodging and catering available upon request. Lets talk boats and motors. I recently started driving one of the new Ranger Z521’s rigged with a Mercury 250 Pro XS outboard engine. I am just amazed at the ride and performance of the Ranger Z521 and the power, fuel economy and low oil consumption on the Mercury Pro 250XS. The are unmatched! This 2011 model demo is available and will be ready to go soon. If you are interested in saving some big bucks on an awesome rig. I sell these demos every year and will make you a great deal. Call me at 903-569-7451 for details. Click on the boat for sale section for pics of this awesome boat. Go to for a look at the best bass boats in the world and for a look at the best outboards in the world go the . If you are in the Lake Fork area or in the D/FW metroplex look up Diamond Sports Marine and schedule yourself a test ride. They have a location here on Lake Fork on hwy 154 and also in Rockwall TX on hwy 276 in behind southern junction. Tell am tanner sent ya!
Hopefully this info will be helpful in your next fishing trip here to Lake Fork. Thank you for reading my fishing report and have a great summer fishing season. I am thankful to God for what I get to do for a living and where He allows me to do it. Lake Fork TX is a special place in the world and I am grateful for it. Please pray for the following – Peggy Tanner ( my mother) she has MS, Mike Rice – Brain Tumor , our Troops and their families as they put it on the line for our freedom every day , our country , the sick and the lost. Read John 3:16..
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Good Fishing and God Bless
John Tanner
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