John Tanner Lake Fork Report August 8-11-2011


Submitted: August 1, 2011

August Bassin on the Fork

Welcome to Lake Fork the big bass capitol. August is here already and man summer has flown by. Fishing has been good over all this summer and August fishing can be no different. One key thing to do in august is to really pay attention to the weather trends and water temps. As August rolls along it is usually hot all month but sometimes we will have a system or two roll in with a little rain that will cool the surface temps off. I know this is wishful thinking but it has happened a few times in the last few years. If and when this happens you can catch a lot of fish up in the shallows. The bait fish will move up into the shallower cooler water in the mornings and evenings and the bass will follow. I remember last year it happened the last day or two of July and we smashed em in shallow water on a texas rigged Berkley Power Worm and a topwater . So keep that in mind as we head into August and start looking for a little grass here and there. It doesn’t have to be much to hold a lot of fish. If it stays hot like it normally does you might want to keep looking in the deep water on the points , humps and other off shore structure. Carolina rigged Berkley Havoc Bottom Hoppers have been a killer deal this summer so far as well as the Blue Fleck Berkley 10″ Power Worms. On my texas rigs and Carolina rigs I like to use tungsten weights and flouro carbon line as well as the right hook for the job. On the weights I use tungsten weights by Affordable Tungsten ( ). Tungsten gives you alot better feel because of the hardness of the material. On the line I love the Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon ( ) in 17 and 20 pound test and I spool it on a ABU Garcia Reel mounted on one of the new ABU Garcia Veritas Rods. What a sweet set up! On the hook I always use the Mustad Mega Bite hooks ( ) in 4/0 or 5/0. Football Jigs are great as well this time of year as well as the big flutter spoons. I use the Talon Football Jigs in 3/4 and 1 ounce as well as the Talon Big Dandy spoons ( ). These are quality baits and built right here in America! Fish the deep fish once you find them on your Lowrance according to how they are relating to the structure. If they are ganged up on the bottom drag the big Power Worm, Carolina Rig or football jig through them. If they are ganged up but up off the bottom drop the spoon on them or even go to a drop shot using the Bottom Hopper rigged wacky style. Lake Fork Marina has a big selection of the Berkley Havoc Bottom Hoppers in stock. These worms float and work great on a Carolina rig as well as a Shaky head and wacky style fishing. Give em a try. Yes August is here and if you keep close watch on the water temps and the weather you can catch em big here on Lake Fork. Good time to catch schooling bass too. With the lake being low this year I have seen some of the biggest schools surfacing that I have ever witnessed. In other words keep your eyes peeled!

Yes, August fishing can be a blast so come on down and join in on the fun. If you would like to book a guided trip here to Lake Fork with us call 903-569-7451 or check us out on the world wide web at On the site we have fishing reports, tons of photos and awesome fish catch videos. Also check out our new website at You can also find me on facebook under John Tanner. From the beginner to the expert we will do our best to make your trip to Lake Fork one to remember.

Hey I have a 2011 Ranger Z-521 pro-staff boat for sale with low hours ( rigged with a 250hp Mercury Pro XS ( at a awesome price. Give me a ring at 903-569-7451 if you are interested in saving some big bucks on this awesome rig.Go to for photos of this boat. it is a beauty! Please pray for our troops and their families as they sacrifice for our freedom each and every day. Also pray for Billy Weems of Quitman TX as he recovers from a accident. I am thankful to God for what He allows me to do for a living and where He lets me do it.

God is good! Matthew 5:6.

 Good fishin and God Bless,
John and Robin Tanner
Many thanks to my sponsors.

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