Lake Fork Water Level FACTS

Big thanks to Linda at Mustang Resort for putting this together.

CURRENTLAKELEVEL: 396.60  Full Pool 403.00 

 6.40 FEET LOW   9-10-11

 Sabine River Authority has not released water since May of 2010.  The gates have been CLOSED except for once a month testing and maintenance of gates.

 The lowest the lake has previously been since reaching full pool in 1985 was in 2005 at 5.38 foot.

 The Dallas Water Authority’s Pump Station is NOT working at this time due to engineering problems and has no drawn any water since January of 2011.

 The Sabine River Authority releases water downstream to customers at a rate of 45 million gallons per day. 

 The Dallas Water Authority can take 120 million gallons per day.

 Evaporation during the summer equals 280 million gallons per day.  Approximately ½ inch.



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One Response to “Lake Fork Water Level FACTS”

  1. Steve Chick Says:

    I am confused. The report says that the SRA has not released water since May 2010 and then it says they release 45 million gallons per day for downstream users. I realize that is a small amount compared to what Dallas could request, but I just did understand the statement.


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