Mark Pack Lake Fork Conditions October November 2011

1. Lake condition: Right now the lake is in its fall turnover stage and has been for about two weeks, which means slower fishing. Since it takes about 3 weeks for the lake to recover, around the first week of October, the fishing should explode and get great again. At the moment, the bass are in transition and they and shad are moving up in the creeks where there is more oxygen
2. Pattern: A. Deep Water: Once the lake is through turning over, you want to start graphing in the mouths of the creeks looking for balls of shad close to tree lines, channel bends, and points as this is the type of structure the bass will use as ambush points to feed on the shad.
Baits I use in deep water Pattern A: topwater baits, swimbaits, 5” flutter spoons, tail spinners, depending on what zone the fish are in. I break down the zone in 3 different depth zones. Let’s say the water is 30’ …the top 10’ is the upper zone, the middle zone would be 10’ to 20’, and the bottom zone would be 20’ to 30’.
When the bass are in zone 1, I like to use topwaters and swimbaits because the bass are usually very active as this is usually early in the morning or late in the evening or under cloudy conditions.
Zone 2, 10 ’to 20’ This is the hardest zone for most people to fish because the fish are suspended . This is where I use the countdown method to keep my bait in the strike zone. I use the flutter spoon a lot in this zone and also a swimbait on a scrounger head or a fish head spin.
Zone 3, 20’ to 30’ This is when the bass are close or on the bottom. Flutter spoons and jigging spoons are very effective along with the tail spinners. I tend to use the tail spinners more around brush because you can manipulate the bait through the brush better without hanging up. I also use C-rigs and jigs a lot this time of year usually when the fish are less active.
Pattern: B. Shallow Water: I am usually way up in the backs of the creeks targeting any kind of visible cover, such as stumps, grass, docks, channel drops, any kind of cover a bass can use to ambush their prey.
Baits I use in Pattern B: chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwaters. Usually on cloudy low barometric pressure situations, the fish will be roaming more and their strike zone is much larger. On sunny and high barometric pressure situations, I like to use soft plastics and jigs, The bass will be tighter to cover and will have a smaller strike zone, so you will have to slow down.


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