John Morris Lake Fork Report Late Oct 2011


J & M Guide Service

16 – 23 October 2011

This whole month has been a very strange fishing experience. We started off by having the McDonalds Big Bass Splash where 34 bass over the slot were weighed in, to the to the Berkley tournament which only 2 fish over the slot were weighed in, to the Irving Bass Club tournament where there were no fish over the slot weighed in. Quite a drastic change over a three week period.

One may ask what is happening. Let me see if I can clear up what is going on. The lake is turning over and really there has not been any real amount of rain to help the process along. Coupled with the lake turning over the Sabine River Authority is continuing to allow the lake level to fall. The water oxygen content is the lowest I have seen in several years. Now with that being said there is hope on the horizon. Winter and early spring will bring us some much needed rain and snow, which will bring up the water levels provide the fish with some much needed food with the run off.

Lets talk water levels and usable launch ramps. The water level is over 7 feet vertical low. There are three good ramps you can use. The 154 public ramp, the 515 west ramp and the Popes Resort ramp are the best. Caution and courtesy should be taken at all ramps now. With the water down, people are needing to take more time to launch their boat and more time to find a parking place to beach their boat after they take it off of their trailer.

Now for the fishing. Largemouth are being caught using small crank baits and trick worms rigged wacky style. The favorite color trick worm is pumpkin/chartreuse or tomato with black flake. You need to fish the wacky worm with the lightest weight that you can handle. You need this bait to stay in the strike zone as long as possible.

For the white bass, yellow bass we have been using a small ¼ ounce tail kicker bait like a Lil’ George. This style of bait seems to be working best. This bait also has been working for largemouth bass.

Over the next few weeks, as the water starts to clear up the largemouth bass will be doing a lot of schooling. Keep a ¼ ounce Rattle Trap in chrome and black color ready to throw. As the bass come up in a school, throw the Rattle Trap past the school and bring it through the school and hold on because the will try to take the rod out of you hand. “Great Fun!”

For all of your fishing needs stop by Lake Fork Marina, they will greet you with a smile and direct you to the tackle you need.

One last thing, with the water levels falling always wear you life jacket and kill switch with the big motor running.

J & M guide Service

John Morris




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