Lake Fork Report Stephen Fatherree

In 4-8 foot of water slow roll a 1/2 oz red rattle trap or cast a suspending jerkbait like the Rapala x-rap, in 8-12 foot flip a 1/2 oz black and blue jig to timber that is on the edge of creek channels. The best creeks have large trees on their edges and are usually in the back 1/3 of major creeks. Bass love sitting on the edges of these ditches. Sometimes keeping your boat in the creek, then casting the jig at a 45 degree angle out of the creek and very slowly dragging it back to the boat works great. Most of your bites will come right near the dropoff. These two techniques are best from mid lake to the north end.

On the south end of the lake, fish the tips of points in 25-30 foot of water using a tailspinner with a slow steady retrieve, or fish a small watermelon red finesse worm on a dropshot directly under the boat. You will catch some sandbass and barfish, but remember the the largemouth are most always nearby. Hope this helps and good luck.


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