Lake Fork Guide John Morris Winter Report

Water level: 6.01 low

If you are into fishing for Crappie, White Bass, and Yellow Bass, you need to be here at Lake Fork.  The Crappie, White Bass and Yellow Bass (Barr Fish) are schooled up and you only need one rod and one bait in your hand.  Now, I suppose you want me to tell you what that bait is!  Well ok if you insist.  It is the Tackle Factor Flash Tail spoon in the Barr Fish color (1/2 oz.).  I have fishing it on a 6 foot medium action  Falcon rod rigged with 10lb. test clear Stren line.  The water is starting to clear up in the deep water so I went to clear line.  Well, now that I have let the cat out of the bag and told you that I am fishing in deep water, we are catching them in 29 to 31 foot of water.  That is where comfort zone is right now.  Where is the question now.  We have been catching on main lake points—not under the bridges.  Use your death finder and locate any small structure off of the points in 29 to 30 foot of water.  Position your boat over the structure and allow your spoon to flutter down to the bottom. Vertically jig the Flash Tail Spoon up and down about 3 feet.  Here is the trick.  Do it very slow!  This week they did not want the spoon jigged up and down fast. 


The Largemouth Bass fishing has slowed down.  However, while you are vertically jigging the Flash Tail Spoon for Crappie and Yellow Bass you will catch a few very good Largemouth.  Here is the reason.  The Largemouth are feeding on small Crappie and Barr fish.  So that is why I don’t use line smaller the 10lb. test.


The friendly folks at Lake Fork Marina have a good selection of the Tackle Factory spoons.  Stop by and pick a few up before you head to the water. 


From all of us here at J & M Guide Service, we hope everybody has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


John Morris

J & M Guide Service



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