John Morris Lake Fork Fishing Report Feb 2012

FROM:  J & M Guide Service
Spring is just about here and we are seeing the bass move up from their 22 to 28 foot water in to the 6 to 8 foot of water.  They are still relating to main lake points and creek bends.  Since the grass in Lake Fork is still sparse, the fish are relating to small timber.

The baits that work year to year here are Carolina rigged lizards and red rattle Traps.  That is still true for this year.   Added in to this years mix is a red/black/gold 3/8 ounce spinner bait.  The fish are not chasing the bait very far so slow down your retrieve.   I find that a 7 foot, medium/heavy action rod coupled with a 5.1 to 1 gear ratio reel works the best, both for the Rattle Trap and spinner bait.

It is also the time of year to go over all of your fishing tackle and boat, motor and trailer to make sure they are in good working order.  Here a few things that require some special attention. On you boat trailer you want to pull you tires and wheels and pack your wheel bearings.  Check all of your trailer lights for operation and wiring condition.  For your big boat motor, drain and service your lower unit, make sure you check it for water.  Also grease all your pivot points on the big motor.  For your trolling motor, take your prop off and make sure that there is no fishing line around your prop shaft and lube pivot joints as needed.  Now for your boat, a good wash job is always in order after sitting all winter.  After washing it give is a good coat of wax if it is fiberglass. Check all of your boats lights, bilge pump (s) and electronics for operation.

Spring has allot of special challenges here in East Texas.  Rain, wind and sleet come to mind for me.  While going through you equipment always check your rain gear for holes and zippers for operation.  Nothing is worse that being out in a boat in February or March in a 20 mile an hour wind and it is raining.  Stay warm and dry!

Here at Lake Fork, Lake Fork Marina has all of the latest tackle that you need to fish Lake Fork.  Stop in and see the friendly folks and check out the selection of fishing tackle and other goodies.  As always wear your life jacket and kill switch.  See you on the water!

John Morris
J & M Guide Service
1 888-454-7037


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