Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report Feb 5th, 2012

Andrew Grills




After a week of nice warm weather, the cold front slowed the bite down, but the fishing is still pretty good! The All-Terrain jig is still putting all the fish in the boat for me. I’m working channels and gunning for big bites. Depth is relative, depending on where. It is very common to catch fish in 3′ and 20′ in the same day. There are deeper oriented fish that will not move up for a while (that are less affected by weather changes) and shallow fish that are hot and ready to spawn. Fish have recovered from the initial shock of the cold front and were more active today. It should continue to improve, and this coming week should be BIG fish time. Also, I’m just thrilled with my custom jig rod. Reel Time Rods made a rod exactly how I wanted. I asked Ron to make a rod for me with a strong backbone and sensitive tip with a full cork handle. I wanted a rod built for jig fishing. I can’t stress how important it is to have a sensitive rod for jig fishing, not only to feel bites, but to finesse the jig through root wads without hanging up. Then you have to get those big fish up out of the branches. Sounds like a shameless plug, I know. But I can compromise a bit on my trap, worm, rig, or spinnerbait rod, but not on my jig rod. Black and blue is good, but if you want to try something different, Texas craw and black brown and amber are good colors to try. There is a good trap bite and squarebill bite right now as well.
What a life! I am so thankful I get to be on this lake everyday. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I’m out here. I am living the dream!
These pictures are from the past few days. No giants, but they are coming.


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