Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 2-10-12

It has been an interesting week on Lake Fork. This time a week ago, 60 degree water wasn’t hard to find and some areas of the lake had been above 60 for a good while. There were actually a small number of fish spawning in some areas. Then the North wind brought a 10 degree drop in water temps accross the upper end of the lake. It hasn’t been easy to catch fish this week. However, good news is that once you find them, you can get multiple bites from a small area, and get some big fish too. My advice to anyone fishing in the next several days to try and locate some fish on the middle to lower end of the lake where the water temps have remained pretty stable and spawning wasn’t on their minds before the front. Presentation seems critical. Slow is best, and keep your confidence up and stay alert, because a day that was looking like it was going to be zero, can become a day you will never forget.
Fishing will improve soon, and its always worth a trip to Fork in February, especially if you’re after big fish. Any bite can be a big one. Sean caught this nice one earlier this week. It was a tough day, but we stuck with big fish areas and a big fish bait, the old faithful jig. Way to go Sean!


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