Lake Fork Report Guide Andrew Grills 2-19-12

Right now the fishing is back on the upswing on Fork. Cold fronts keep coming, but the fishing seems to be getting more consistent. If you have been fishing on Lake Fork recently, you know that its been a tough bite. However, big fish can still be caught. Now is one of the best times of the year to get a big fish, so its definitely worth long days with few bites. I would like to tell you that you can look for a certain depth, but today we caught fish in 2′ and 26′. There are fish in many different depths, but the pattern is the same. I’m still working creek channels with my jig and experimenting with colors and trailers. We only boated 6 bass today, but that is to be expected on some days this time of year.

Water temps haven’t changed much on the lower end of the lake in the past month, but as you get further north the water has cooled off quite a bit from where it was a couple weeks ago. The recent rains haven’t changed the water level much, but it has muddied up the creeks and upper end of the lake. Remember that the shallow, off-colored water will heat up quickly on sunny afternoons, and it looks like we are headed for another warming trend.

Here are some fish from today.


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