Lake Fork Guide Terri Moon Lake Fork Report Feb 23, 2012

Terri Moon 903-383-7773

So hard to believe that while I’m writing this the temperature has hit the low 60’s!!! If that doesn’t get your fishing fever going, there is something wrong!

The fishing generally starts picking up mid-February.  But now is the time to keep checking the deep water humps, creek channels, and main lake points!  We are finding crappie at 23 to 38ft in 35 to 45ft of water.  With the fish holding deeper, we’ve gone to a heavier jig.  I’m double rigging them a foot apart with a 1/8oz jig on the bottom and 1/16thoz on the top.  If it is windier, I’ll even go to using two 1/8th oz jigs.

The vcolors working for us have been blue w/ pearl and chartreuse w/ pearl in the Lake Fork Tackle baits, and chartreuse w/ red and shad color in Gene Larew Bobby Garland baits.  If the color you are using isn’t working, don’t hesitate to change up the color you’re using.  Light conditions and water clarity will play a big factor in this.  It’s subject to change daily.

If you like yellow bass as much as I do, we’re catching some really nice ones on the main lake points in 30 to 38ft. of water just off the bottom.  They really will hit the same baits we’re using for the crappie.  The only difference I’ve found is the crappie want a slow motion or no motion presentation but the bar fish prefer a little more movement and tend to take the bait on the fall  If you ar ereally serious about atching yellow bass, you can even tie on a Tackle Facotry “flash-tail spoon” and just bounce it off the bottom- they just can’t resist it!
Please just remember our lake levels are still extremely low so take extra precautions out there.  Be sure to hook up your kill switch just incase you hit something.  There are a lot of stumps showing but just as many that still aren’t showing.

Don’t let the weather keep you off the lake.  If there is a day that the wind isn’t howling, get out there and enjoy a day on the water.  Don’t forget the 10 inch minimum doesn’t go back in effect until March 1st!


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