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Lake Fork Guide John Morris Fishing Report J&M Guide Service

March 30, 2012


J & M Guide Service


This week we had a high pressure front, blue bird sky’s and very little wind.  The fishing continued to pick up with numerous large female bass moving up, getting ready to spawn.  The bass were being caught using trick worms, drop shot rigs and split shot rigs.


The split shot rig continued to be the set up for us this week.  We did change up the color up this week.  We primarily used watermelon red Lake Fork Trophy Lures 5 inch Hyper sticks.   We also used 5 inch Zoom watermelon pumpkin trick worms rigged wacky style.  With the fish coming to spawn your presentation needs to be very suttle.  They are very skittish and are spooked very easily.  Just be patient and fish slow.


The crappie are being taken with small minnows all over the lake, primarily in the back of creeks around large stumps.  The white bass were being caught on Alabama rigs using small white and chartreuse jigs as the leader bait.  The white bass were also being taken on the Tackle Factory ½ ounce flutter spoon in the bar fish pattern.  The catfish were also active again this week, being caught on cut bait.


While you are at Lake Fork, stop by Lake Fork Marina for all of your tackle and beverage needs.  They can also give you some tips on what the fish are doing on the lake.


I still have some openings in March and April for guided fishing trips.  Give us a call, toll free, 1-888-454-7037.  Be safe and wear those life vest.  We hope to see you out here on beautiful Lake Fork, TX.


J & M Guide Service

(John Morris)


Toll free: 1-888-454-7037


Jason Hoffman Lake Fork Report 3-29-12

March 29, 2012

The fishing on Fork is still pretty good if you’re in the right place and doing the right thing. There were a lot of fish that made their move to the banks over the weekend to spawn, so I have a feeling that we are dealing with a lot of post-spawn females right now. Don’t get me wrong, there are still tons of fish that have yet to “do the deal”, and those are the fish that we are trying to catch.
The drop shot continues to be a mainstay in my boat, but the shaky head bite has come on strong the last couple of days. I’m using a 3/16 oz Santone Piglet jig head and an LFT Zig Zag in any shade of green. We are working our baits through the stump-filled spawning flats in the 2-6 ft range. The Piglet gives you a huge advantage over other shaky heads on the market in that it has a strong 5/0 hook in it, and it will hold a big fish. Others will open up or straighten out when fighting these big fish in the timber.

Bedfishing takes off…and some rain today

March 29, 2012

Had a short shower today, should put lake fork’s current water level over 401….puts us at less than 2 feet low.

Bed fish are moving up everywhere, first wave moved in our cove yesterday and are sticking on beds today.  Dodge Ram tournament this weekend should be MAD.

People keep asking what fish are biting on, if you are bed fishing it doesn’t really matter (not a good sales pitch)

Other than that we have been selling a ton of dropshot gear and chatterbaits.

Heard of an 11.50 coming out of Northwest Bay in Little Caney.



An Hour With Eric Wright

March 27, 2012

Here is a snippet from a post I wrote up on Eric’s site. If you’re fishing the RAM MEGA BASS event you may want to read it.

An Hour With Eric Wright

If you’re coming to Lake Fork this weekend to fish  Ram Mega Bass and want to do well, YOU WILL BE SIGHT FISHING. These fish are on beds, cruising shallow and the water is starting to clear up. The wind has been down the last few days and that has helped as well. As of this post, we stand a good chance of getting some rain before the weekend, possibly Friday, and this might change things. You will want to find the clearest water possible. Two baits you don’t want to be without:

  • ZOOM Finesse Worm (Tomato:) wacky rig
  • Black/Blue Jig – Paca Craw

To read the full post follow the link HERE

Eric Wright (972) 757 – 7947

Some Lake Fork HAWGS from the last few days….

March 22, 2012

Place cursor over photos for angler information.

Some Lake Fork HAWGS from the last few days….

12.45 Lake Fork Trophy Lures' Hyper Finesse Worm on a drop shot rig in 10' of water.

Fish was certified at Oak Ridge Marina 3-22-12 12.18

Weighed during JCOutdoors individual tournament. Heck of a kicker!

Lake Fork Water Level March 20, 2012 by Lake Fork Guide Jason Hoffman

March 21, 2012

We have gotten several inches of rain over the past 13 hours, and the lake is already up 10″ and is now sitting at 399.38 (3.62 ft below normal pool). All of the feeder creeks around the lake are still out of their banks, so the lake will continue to rise quickly. I drove around a little bit this morning to take a look, and I took a few pictures.

Here is Birch Creek from the FM 2297 bridge several miles north of the lake:

Here are a couple of pics of Elm Creek from the FM 514 bridge as it enters the lake:

And lastly, here is Garrett Creek from the Hwy 19 bridge. This pic really doesn’t show just how far out of it’s banks Garrett Creek really is.

Lake Fork Guide Tom Redington Fishing Report 3-18-12

March 18, 2012
A few representative fish from trips this week:

Earnie caught this big bass and a nearly 3 lb crappie earlier this month:
Waves of bass keep moving up to spawn at Fork and the fishing is very good all over the lake right now because another wave hit the banks in the past few days. A big group moved up a couple weeks ago and just about everyone on the lake was whacking them. A little front and 1 foot rise in the lake had the bass a bit funky earlier this week, but consistently warm days and nights really had them hitting by the end of this week. The fishing has been so fun that after my customers said uncle and quit for the day the past two trips, I stayed out until dark by myself and took advantage of the biting bass.
I’d estimate maybe 30% or 40% of the fish have spawned already but there is a bunch yet to do their thing. With prespawn, spawning, and postspawn fish all available, fishermen have a lot of patterns to choose from. The cornucopia of options allows you to find some fish biting in just about any conditions Mother Nature throws at you. If you’re not getting bit, keep changing up tactics and locales until you find them.
With such a warm spring, I expect the spawn to continue for about another month. After that, it’s topwaters for post spawners and our best deep water structure bite of the year for big fish with deep cranks, Carolina rigs and football jigs from May into July.
Lake Conditions: Regular rains are slowly bringing up Fork’s water levels and most boat ramps are in good shape. The lake level is currently 398.55’ and holding steady (about 4’ 6” below full pool and up nearly 4’ since the fall). Water temps in the main lake are in the low 60s and some shallow creeks are considerably warmer in the afternoons. The rising water and wind has Fork more stained than normal, especially on the northern half of the lake and in the backs of major creeks. In general, I like the clearer water on the cloudy and windy days, while I feel more comfortable in muddier water when it’s sunny and calm.
Location Pattern: For prespawn and postspawn fish that are staging on their way in and back out, key on points and creek channels near spawning flats. With virtually no grass in the lake this year, bass are relating to the timber so make sure you are casting tight to the stumps. During warming trends, follow bass back into the creeks and check the edges of flats and creek channels. After the fronts, drop back to deeper water adjacent to where the fish were before the front and you’ll quickly relocate them. For spawning fish, look for protected bays in the north end of the lake or at the very backs of major creeks. As the water continues to warm and we move through April, bass will start spawning nearer the mouths of creeks and in deeper creeks. The main lake flats are typically the last areas to spawn, often as late as early-May.
Presentation Pattern: Just about every category of lure in the tackle box will be working by later this month. For prespawn and postspawn bass, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jigs, and lipless crankbaits will catch bass, especially on overcast and windy days. A great search tool are lipless crankbaits like the new Lucky Craft LV RTO. Red and crawfish colors are most popular and they often work well, although oddball colors often produce better on any given day. ½ oz spinnerbaits with tandem or double willow blades with white or chartreuse and white skirts will produce some nice bass in the same areas that the lipless cranks work, as will shallow running crankbaits like Lucky Craft LC 2.5 or BDS4 square bills. Square bills are notorious for losing fish and missing bites, so I use the fiberglass 7’ Dobyns 705CB MF for my shallow cranks. The fiberglass rod lets bass take the bait a bit deeper and the soft tip also keeps them hooked up. For big bass, try swimming a 4.5” Live Magic Shad on the back of a ½ oz bladed jig and fish it in the same areas you’d throw a spinnerbait. White or white/chartreuse bladed jigs with Sun Perch or Albino Shad Live Magic Shads work well. And for a real prespawn monster, pitching heavy cover along the first breakline and creek channels with a jig or TX rig is the way to go. I go with a 3/8 oz MPack Jig in black and blue or green pumpkin with a Lake Fork Craw or Hyper Freak trailer in matching colors. For the Texas rig, I’ll pitch a Lake Fork Flipper or Craw Tube in black neon, Bama Bug or watermelon/red with a 1/8 to 3/8 oz bullet weight and slowly work it around cover.
For bass that have moved onto spawning flats, weightless Texas rigged or wacky rigged soft plastic jerkbaits like Magic Shads, Live Magic Shads, and the Hyper Stick become your best option. Shades of green pumpkin and watermelon are normally top colors, but don’t forget Magic Craw Swirl and Blue Bruiser with the muddy water this year. These shallow fish are often spooky, so long casts result in more fish. For weightless soft plastic jerkbaits, I like using the Dobyns Champion 733C. The 7’3” rod whips the baits out there, while it still has enough backbone to drive the hook through thick worms on long casts. A finesse Carolina rig with a ¼ oz sinker and a 12” leader is another great way to present those same soft plastic jerkbaits to slightly deeper fish in 4’ to 8’ and it also keeps you in contact with your bait in shallow water when the wind is howling. When everyone is up beating the bank to a froth, move out a little deeper with the light Carolina rig and you can catch fish from under where everyone else’s boats are sitting.
Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Good Fishing,

Andrew Grills Lake Fork Guide Photo set from 3-15-12

March 17, 2012

The weather has been awesome this week and the fishing is pretty good. Early in the week was tough for almost everybody, including me, but the past few days were better. I had the pleasure of fishing with Chad Tregallis and his 8 year old son, Jack the past two days. I can’t tell you a time I have had more fun on the water. We didn’t catch big numbers but it was enough to give Jack a “bass hand” to be proud of! I look forward to fishing with them again soon.

Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report March 2, 2012 Lake Fork Trophy Bass Guide James Caldemeyer

March 13, 2012

March Madness is here everyone! What an exciting time of year to be at Lake Fork. Spring has arrived and Lake Fork is primed up for another great spawning season. Many anglers have waited all winter for this month to come and the great fishing that goes along with it. If you are after a big bass, now is the time. For those looking for a place to have some fun this month, come on out to Lake Fork with your friends or family to enjoy some time away this spring break! Here are some tips and techniques that will hopefully help you land the fish of your dreams!

The lake is currently 5.5 feet low. Despite recent rains bringing the lake up about 2 feet, we could definitely use some more rain. Water temperatures have been in the high 50’s to low 60’s lately due to a relatively mild winter. I expect with the full moon upon us that a number of fish will begin spawning soon. The water clarity is very stained in the northern creek arms but clears as you get to the south end.

I am targeting both prespawn as well as spawning fish right now. One of my best baits lately has been a square billed crank bait. I am using the new Talon Shibui 1.5 in chartreuse splatter back or dirty ghost colors This is an awesome bait for working through the shallows. I like to target flats, points, shallow drains, or ditches in spawning creeks from 2-6 feet deep. The key to catching fish on this bait is allowing it to come into contact with timber. Bouncing it into any trees on the retrieve will draw more strikes. On real windy spring days I am also breaking out the Talon Shibui spinner bait. A chartreuse/white double willow in 3/8 or 1/2 oz sizes as done well in the same areas. If the fish are hesitant to bite these I know I can always do well on a chatter bait in the same size and color. It has a lot more vibration and will agitate a strike out of even the most stubborn fish. When I am able to find the right water and especially on windy days I opt for a swim bait to target the big females. A Berkley Hollow Belly is hard to beat! I like the 5” and 6” models best this time of year and my favorite colors are pearl, gizzard shad, and ayu. Slow roll this bait on the shallowest windy banks you can find this spring and you will be surprised at the fish you catch!

When the fish are not active on moving baits in the spring it’s time to sloooowwww way down. And when I say “slow” I mean fish very slow. As the fish move out of prespawn and into their spawning activity they will become more territorial than anything. Putting a bait in their nests or close to where they are and leaving it lay there will entice them to pick it up and move it out of the bedding area. On the contrary if you move it around a lot they will just watch it go by. So fishing slow is very important. Look for the fish to be spawning in 2-8 feet of water on standing timber, lay downs, docks and any re-emerging grass. Some of my favorite baits to flip and pitch are the new Berkley Havoc and Powerbait. A Texas rigged Berkley Havoc Craw Fatty or Pit Boss is very effective right now. Best colors are black/blue, green pumpkin, Okeechobee craw, and Big Texan I will rig mine with a 4/0 wide gap hook and 5/16 oz Elite Tungsten weight on 17 lb Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon line. My most favorite new set up to throw this on is the Abu Garcia Revo MGX paired with a 7’1”-7’3” Abu Garcia Villian rod. If you had a chance to come by and see me at the Bassmasters Classic you know how excited I am about this awesome new combo and its overall weight of 10 ounces. Another new product that I am excited about is the new Powerbait “Thief”. This is another awesome new flipping bait from Berkley that will catch a lot of fish presented in the same way as the previous mentioned Havoc. If the fish are finicky and will not bite the bigger soft plastics I will often downsize to a 3/16-1/4 oz shaky head or drop shot rig. A great bait for these is the 4” or 6” Havoc Bottom Hopper. For anyone that is coming out to fish the tournaments, this is a very effective worm for catching under the slot fish. Also, If you are sight fishing for bass and find one that will not bite try one of these and you may be surprised how aggressively the bite it.

 If you are interested in coming out for some big bass action this spring or would like to just take an instructional trip to learn about electronics, seasonal patterns, or some new techniques onLake Fork this summer, contact me anytime. I still have a few dates available and want to remindanyone that is considering reservations with me contact me as soon as possible. I book up extremely fast so get your 2012 date now before my schedule is full.  You can reach me by phone at (903)736-9888 or drop me an email at  You can also visit my website for more information about trophy bass fishing on Lake Fork

My new 2012 Ranger Z521 Comanche powered with a Mercury 250 Prop XS just arrived and man I’m excited. These boats are awesome! I am currently rigging it up with all the latest and greatest equipment like the new Lowrance HDS Gen2 electronics as well as the Power Pole Blades. If you get a chance while you are here, stop by Diamond Sports Marine on highway 154 and check out the new 2012 Ranger Boats already in stock. Talk to Ben Hogan or Robert Gilliland and they will be glad to help you find the right boat for your needs. Let them show you why they are the #1 Ranger Boat dealer in the country. Or just give them a call at (903)383-7829 for information. If you would like a demo ride in my new boat, feel free to contact me also to schedule your test ride.

Again, a big thanks to all my sponsors: Ranger Boats, Mercury Outboards, I AM SECOND, Berkley, Abu Garcia, Interstate Batteries, Lowrance, Power Pole, Hamby’s, Talon Lures, Line & Lure Conditioner, BTS Protectant, Navionics, Oakley, Sure Life, and Elite Tungsten.

Isaiah 41:10 – So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Tight Lines and God Bless,

James Caldemeyer

Lake Fork Water Level

March 13, 2012

Lake Fork Water Level as of 9:30 3-12 is at 398.47. (Full Pool at 403.00)

Lake Fork is now 4.53ft low.