Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills 2-29-12 Report

Water temps are steadily rising with these warm days and mild nights. There are plenty of buck bass up shallow if you’re looking for numbers. However, I am after those bigger females who are just waiting on weather and lunar conditions to get right. I believe the big females suspend this time of year. A suspended bass is a little harder to catch, but if you can put the right bait in front of her, she will probably bite. We are seeing a lot more traffic on the lake but most folks wont try to catch suspended bass.
I’d say a jerkbait would be good right now, but I fish a jig when I can get away with it. Its a big fish bait and this is the time of year to throw it if you like to jig fish. Instead of pitching past stumps, Im pitching directly to them and letting the jig get up on top of branches and letting it sit if I can get it to stay up there. Bites usually come when it “teeters” over the side and starts to fall. Hope this helps a little.
This pattern doesn’t hold long, but I love it when I can stumble up on it. Here are a couple fish from today.
Been busy but I have spring dates open.


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