Lake Fork Guide John Tanner April 2012 Monthly Report

Greetings anglers from Lake Fork the Big Bass Factory! Spring has sprung as they say, and the bass are in the shallows. It is an exciting time of year to fish Lake Fork as the fish use the shallow water to spawn and to feed up. This year as the warm weather has prevailed most of the spring so far, the fish have been running a bit ahead of schedule. The water temps held and with all of the rain we had last month the lake come up a bunch and now have some new water to fish. I love it when the lake rises and floods the grass and other shore line cover. The fish run to it and like to use this newly flooded vegation for spawning and to ambush their pray. Soft plastics will come heavy into to play this month as alot of the bass will be hanging out in the shallows in more numbers.

The Berkley “Jerk Shad” in pearl white color will be a fine choice early in the mornings. Fish it like a jerkbait on points and in the pockets. Light texas rigs and weighless baits will be good ones as well. On the texas rig I like to fish tubes, lizards, and  other flipping and pitching baits. On the texas rigged tube I like to use the New Berkley Havoc ” Smash Tube ” and on the others I like “Power Lizards” and other baits like the Havoc “Pit Boss” and “Craw Fatty”. On the weightless baits I like to use the Berkley “Heavy Weight Sinkworm” for wacky worming and the Berkley “Jerk Shad” for working the shallows. Lake Fork Marina has a huge selection of all of the Berkley baits.

While fishing plastics either weightless or texas rigged I like to Berkley 100% flourocarbon line. It is very sensative and has a much better feel than mono. Hook selection is very important as well. On the soft plastics I use Mustad Mega Bite Extra Wide Gap Hooks. They have the perfect off set and bend. And as with all Mustad Hooks, they have the sharpest and toughest points. Tungsten weights are a plus because of the feel and smaller size like the ones from Affordable Tungsten. A good rig for fishing soft plastics is a ABU Garcia Veritas Rod or even one of the new ABU Garcia Villan rods in the 7ft medium heavy. Both of these rods are super light and very sensative. The price is a no brainer too!

My reel choice is a ABU Garcia Revo Premier or one of the new ABU Garcia Revo MGX. Nothing cast like a Revo. Look for fish in the shallows around flooded grass and shallow stumps. If you find some aff colored water due to all the rain last month dont be afraid to throw a Talon brand spinner bait or chatter bait. Last month there were a good number of fish bedding just about all over the lake especially towards the end of the month. With all of this new water this month should be a killer as even more fish hit the bank!

Lake Fork is a blast this time of year so come on down and join in on the fun. If you would like to book a guided trip with us this year call 903-569-7451 or drop us an email at Or for more booking info check us out on the web at or our new website at You can also find me on facebook. I have a 2011 Ranger Z521 rigged with a Mercury 250 Pro XS for sale at an awesome price. If you are interested give me a ring at 903-569-7451.


If you are in the area be sure and go by and visit Diamond Sports Marine our local Ranger Boat dealer located on hwy 154.DSM has a full line of Ranger Boats rigged with Mercury Outboards as well as a full line parts and service dept. Tell em Tanner sent ya! Thank you for reading this article and I hope it helps you catch more and bigger bass this spring. Please pray our country and for those who are sick. Got Jesus? Read John 3:16..


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