Lake Fork Crappie Guide Terri Moon April 2012 Report

I receieve a lot of emails and comments from people trying to book trips through our website for Terri Moon.  Please call her at 903-383-7773 or

This has been an exciting month for crappie.  We’ve found them in many depths through their transition.  The bridges are producing crappie 8-16ft, while the staging crappie are found in timber 5-10ft and spawners 1-5ft.  There are a lot of options if the weather or wind is a factor.  With the crazy weather this year our water temps jumped up unusually fast and sent all the species on the fast track to the shallows.  Generally the spawn drags out for a couple of months or so due to major fronts dropping water temps, but that has not been the case this year.  Right now water temps are optimum and hopefully won’t affect the spawn.  I am not ready for these 90+ degree days! (And I don’t think the fish are either)

As far as catching the crappie, we are using different approaches for the different depths.  At the bridges we are using double rigged jigs about a foot apart.  The colors producing have been cinnamon with chartreuse tails and grey with blue tail.  Some days they want it straight down and some days they want it moving on the fall.  For the prespawn depths we are using single jigs 1/8th oz with a Lake Fork Tackle Live Baby Shad in blue and pearl or a shad color around the timber.   Then for the shallow fish we are using 1/16th oz roadrunners with chartreuse or white or a minnow on a slip bobber.  So pick your favorite way of fishing and hav esome fun!  Right now you never what you’re going to catch at any depth- they are all on the move.

It’s also exciting that our lake level has finally returned to only about two foot below full pool after the last set of storms that moved through.  Just be extra careful out there because many stumps are just below the surface.  Also keep a close eye out for floating logs while traveling around the lake.  It’s just a beautiful site to see water levels finally on the rise.  Also I want you to know both boat ramps are back open at Lake Fork Marina!  YA-HOOO!  The boat slips are also back in service!!  Be sure to stop by their tackle store and check out their latest baits and tackle.


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One Response to “Lake Fork Crappie Guide Terri Moon April 2012 Report”

  1. Cynthia Williams Says:

    Interested in booking open date crappie guide for late spring/early summer. Need prices for 2 people per half/ or whole day. We have a place at Lone Oak. Wod like to give gift certificate for Christmas if possible, but date would need to be left open. You have met my husband, Sonny Williams, at Moser’s many times. Many thanks. Have a Merry Christmas.
    Cynthia Williams

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