Guide John Morris Lake Fork Report 4-27-12


J & M Guide Service

16 – 22 April 2012

This week we saw water temperatures continuing to rise to the middle 70’s and the wind continuing to blow 10 to 20 miles an hour, keeping the water heavily stained.   The spawn is over for the Largemouth Bass and is just about over for the Crappie and Sand Bass.

It is time to get out your little crank baits and jigs.  Let’s cover crank baits first.  I have been using a KVD 1.5 in the normal shad color pattern.   A small Bandit 100 crank bait in the shad color will also work great.

Now it is time to get serious about pitching and swimming a jig.  We used 3/8 oz and ½ oz J & M jigs.  The recommended color is black and blue with a black with blue claw trailer.  The way we have had the best success is just pitching the jig past the structure or stump and letting it fall to the shady side.   Let it set for a moment and then jig it up and down a couple of times and let it set.   If the fish doesn’t take it, pull the jig out and move it to the next stump or structure.

The trick worm is another way to catch Largemouth Bass this time of year.   We have been fishing the full size Zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm around docks and patches of grass.  Again, the bite was very light.

The Sand Bass are moving back out of the creeks on to main lake humps and deep creek bends.  They can be caught by using The Tackle Factory ½ oz flutter spoon.  We found that the yellow bass pattern worked the best.   The technique we used was just vertical jigging the flutter spoon up and down over the school of Sand Bass.  The bite has been very light so you need to pay attention to your line.

The crappies are back at the bridges and can be caught using chartreuse and pink small crappie jigs and medium size minnows.  You will find the yellow bass mixed in with the crappie at this time of year.

While you are Lake Fork, be sure you stop into lake Fork Marina to get the latest in tackle and get a few snacks while you are there.  They have a great selection of the Tackle Factory spoons.  On a safety note; while running your big motor, make sure you wear your life vest.  The life you save might be your own.

J & M guide Service

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