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Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report, 5-24-2012

May 24, 2012

The fishing is pretty good right now on Lake Fork. I’ve been looking forward to this time since the last major wave of spawning fish. Big schools of fish are on predictable offshore spots, and some big fish are showing up too. I’m running several spots each day, until I find active schools that have pulled up to feed. Many of the spots I fish, I will idle by and see if the fish are active and catchable. Others, I fish before I graph them. Some areas tend to hold schools while others hold individual fish which tend to be bigger. I prefer to go ahead and fish a spot where I’ve caught bigger fish than looking at it on the graph first.
To target big fish I throw several baits depending on conditions and position of the fish. I love to throw a Santone jig or a carolina rig this time of year. On the end of my c-rig I experiment with a few baits (big worms, brush hogs, and senko type worms). I’ll fish a Texas rig worm in certain areas with heavy cover as well. The “magic depth” varies from day to day and each end of the lake. It could be 30’ on the lower end and 12’ further up the lake, for instance.
This is also one of my favorite times to target fish after dark. I believe a good number of fish here feed mostly at night because of the pressure. Night fishing can be a little more inconsistent than fishing in the day. However, big fish are more easily fooled in the dark. If I go out to night fish I’m going for big fish, so I target areas with big fish type structure with a bait proven to catch big ones. Big Texas rigged plastics and jigs are about all you need. It’s also nice having the lake all to yourself, rarely seeing another bass fisherman.
These are from the past few days. I was alone on the night trip. Lake Fork Marina has a good selection of Santone jigs so go check them out. As most of you know, I’m using the jig rod (I talked about so much this winter for jig fishing) for carolina rigging, football jigs, and Texas rigged worms. Its the 874 from Reel Time Rods. Its just right for Fork; the sensitivity needed to finesse baits through roots and the back bone to get big fish up and at em!


John Tanner May Lake Fork Report

May 13, 2012

May Bassin on Lake Fork

Greetings anglers from the big bass capital of Texas. May is a super duper month to fish here on Lake Fork. There are a lot of patterns that will catch big bass during this month due to all the different stages the bass are in this time if year. Depending where you are on the lake the bass can be in different stages. It is all according to how far along they are in the post spawn. The fish on the northern reaches of the lake are usually further along because they typically spawn earlier than those down on the south end of the lake. Those that are done are either guarding fry or if the fry deal is over they are hunting down and feeding on the shad.

We usually have a shad spawn in may so look for big concentrations of bait on the bank and you will usually do well around them. This is usually a early morning deal so keep that in mind. We usually still even have some spawning this month so don’t let that surprise you. Are you confused yet? Well, let me simplify it for you a litle bit. Try to find the banks where the shad are spawning in the mornings and try to catch them on topwaters like Berkley Frenzy Poppers, Talon Buzzbaits and soft plastics like the Berkley Jerk Shad in pearl white color rigged weightless on a 4/0 Mustad Mega Wide Gap Hook. Another good pattern is to fish the bluegill beds. Alot of big bass will feed on these bluegill after the spawn and will devour frogs, wacky rigged sof plastics like a Berkley Heavy Weight Sink Worm and even a blue gill colored Berkley Holly Belly swim bait. Later in the day look for fish on the humps and deep points as alot of the early spawners will already be out on the deep stuff feeding up on shad. Carolina rigged Berkley Havoc Bottom Hoppers are a great choice as well as deep running crankbaits and 1/2 ounce Talon Jigs in black/blue with a Berkley Chigger Craw for a trailer in green pumpkin color.

Hopefully this will help you this month while you are in search for you Lake Fork trophy bass. Some of these patterns were already working last month and shaould keep getting more solid as the month rolls along. I look forward to May every year and catch some really big ones during the post spawn. It is a hoot!

If you would like to book a guided trip with us this summer and do some awesome off shore fishing or set up your fall trip call 903-569-7451 or drop me an email at Summer is a great time to brush up on your sonar skills. You can also check us out on the web at or our other website Look for me as well on facebook under John Tanner.

Thank you for reading this article and hopefully it will help you catch more and bigger bass.

When you are in the area stop by and visit the folks at Diamond Sports Marine our local Ranger Boat and Mercury Outboard dealer and tell ’em Tanner sent ya.

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John and Robin Tanner

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James Caldemeyer May Lake Fork Report

May 13, 2012

May has arrived and what a great month it is for trophy bass fishing on Lake Fork. The weather is warming and early summer patterns are starting to take shape. You can catch fish just about any way you want to right now which gives many anglers the opportunity to catch fish using their favorite baits. Whether its shallow water top waters, or deep structure Carolina rigs, to anything in between, you can have a blast catching lots of Lake Fork bass right now.
The lake level is currently right at 2’ low. Water clarity has been clear 2-3 ft in most mid lake to south areas with the exception of windy days stirring the water up in certain areas. The water up north remains fairly stained. Water temperatures are in the mid to upper 70’s. The warm weather is already setting in so it will be interesting to see what kind of summer this starts out to be. I pray that it is not as dry or hot as last summer.
The shallow fishing has been excellent early and late in the day. The shad have begun spawning on windy banks all over the lake and the bass are close behind them. Top water poppers, buzz baits, shallow crank baits, spinner baits like the Talon 3/8 oz Shibui, and 5-6” Berkley Hollow belly swim baits have all been very good fished from 2-6 ft depths. Anything shad with white on it or shad patterns is best. The action can be short in the morning so you have to get out early to take advantage of the action. Days with cloudy overcast skies can be outstanding all day long on this pattern.
Mid depth fishing in 10-18 ft has been real good also. There are still some fish staging to move up and spawn as well as others that are holding in these depths to feed up after spawning. Best areas in these depths to target are points, creek channel bends, roadbeds, and humps. You can also catch these fish on a number of different baits. Deep diving crank baits in shad or bream patterns are great. The jig and Carolina rig also get the nod. I have been using a 5/8 oz Talon football head or the new Talon Roto-Rooter. Putting your favorite plastics such as a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss or your favorite craw trailer has been very effective. Green pumpkin, Big Texan, California and watermelon red have been the best colors.
As the bass move out from spawning you will find them starting to gang up on real deep structure areas. These bass are hungry in numbers and man is it fun when you get on a big school of them. I rely on my new Lowrance HDS Gen2 electronics to show me where these fish are at and how they are relating in the water column. It really makes it hard for them to hide! Deep humps, roadbeds, points, and ridges in 18-24 ft have been where they are holding. Some days they are on slow gradual breaks and other days they are on the steeper drops. Once I have established a nice school of fish with my electronics I am breaking out several different baits according to depth the fish are in. For suspended bass I am fishing deep diving crank baits and swim baits. Any shad pattern will do. Cranking these baits down to the fish or yo yo retrieving them through the school can draw some big bites! When the fish are on the bottom I am quickly picking up my Abu Garcia Veritas rod and Revo MGX combo. I like to fish with a 7-7’6” medium heavy rod spooled with 25 lb Trilene 100% fluorocarbon and a 17 lb leader. I use a long leader that is usually 4-5 ft in length. A 1oz Elite Tungsten weight is mandatory for me and my clients. If you have not ever used tungsten for your rigs you might want to try them out as there is a huge difference in sensitivity and I believe the tungsten weight makes a more appealing sound to the fish which in turn draws curiosity to the area you are dragging your bait. The tungsten is also a lot smaller so it is not as bulky as lead and less likely to get hung up. I have been rigging a 4/0 hook and Berkley Power Worm or Havoc Bottom Hopper in blue fleck or watermelon candy. The Talon football head jig is awesome this time of year in these same areas. I opt for the ¾- 1oz size out in these deep areas. Best colors are PB&J, green pumpkin, watermelon candy, and willies weed. I like to use a twin tail grub like the Berkley Havoc Deuce in matching color as a trailer.
Good luck to all the tournament anglers headed out this month for the big tournaments. I hope this helps you in your quest on Lake Fork for a trophy bass. If you are interested in coming out for some big bass action this spring or would like to just take an instructional trip to learn about electronics, seasonal patterns, or some new techniques on Lake Fork this summer, contact me anytime. I still have a few dates available and want to remind anyone that is considering reservations with me contact me as soon as possible. I book up extremely fast so get your 2012 date now before my schedule is full. You can reach me by phone at 903-736-9888 or drop me an email at You can also visit my websites for more information about trophy bass fishing on Lake Fork or
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Tight Lines and God Bless, James Caldemeyer
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Bass fishing on Lake Fork is ON

May 10, 2012

Since the full moon this past weekend I have witnessed some of the best deep water fishing in years.  Carolina rig, strolling dd22’s, spoons, football head jigs….to give you an idea here are the big fish we have had weighed in in the past few days.  Lake Fork Water level is at 1.90 ft low.

5-8  8.08

5-8 11.61 (Brian Duplechain’s Client)

5-9 11.80 (Eddie Garret’s Client)

5-10 10.17 (James Caldemeyer)

5-10 Tony Robinson 11.43


John Morris May 2012 Fishing Report

May 7, 2012


FROM:  J & M Guide Service

What a great week to fish here at Lake Fork, TX.  During this week we had warm weather all week.  It got a little breezy on Saturday and Sunday but we were able to keep on fishing.  The water surface is a solid 75 degrees but the water on the Fork side stayed stained due to the wind.

The Large Mouth fishing was very good, with a lot of fish being caught on small crank baits such as the KVD 1.5 in the shad color (silver & black) pattern.  Fish up to 10 pounds were taken with the little crank bait this week.  With the Summer pattern already starting, we found the ¼ oz shaky head jig also was working.  We used a V & M pencil worm in watermelon/red color, it worked the best with the olive color shaky head.  You need to fish it slow and once in a while bounce the shaky head off of the bottom.  This allowed for a lot of action.  Oh yes, dip the tail of the worm in some chartreuse dye, for maximum visibility in the stained water.

The White Bass were biting really well.  They could be caught by using a chrome/chartreuse spoon or an Alabama rig.  White and chartreuse shad were the best trailers for the Alabama rig.  You could catch 3 or 4 White Bass at one time.  This rig has revolutionized the White Bass fishing industry!

The Crappie fishing slowed up this week.  The Crappie are scattered out and headed back to the deep water around bridges.

Catfish fishing continued to be good. They were mostly caught on cut bait.

“SOMETHING NEW”   Here at J & M Guide Service, we are now offering  both White Bass and Black Bass guided fishing trips.  So give us a call or send us an E-mail so we can get you started with the great experience of White Bass fishing here at Lake Fork.

While you are at Lake Fork, stop by Lake Fork Marina and pick up all of the latest tackle.  By the way the soda’s are good and cold also.

One last thing, don’t forget to wear those life vest while the big motor is running.  Have a great fishing week.

J & M Guide Service

(John Morris)


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Lake Fork Super Moon 2012 Night time is the right time!

May 7, 2012










Saturday May 5th was a night I will not forget.  I wasn’t fishing, but coworkers and I ended up weighing 4 overs throughout the night.  Zach Hughes brought in a 9lber from Saturday morning and I weighed another 9lber for a customer that night.  We also had a 10lber and an 11.08 weighed.  2 of the fish came on blue fleck power worms.

With the heat here, night fishing is the way to go…beat the crowds and the heat.