Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report, 5-24-2012

The fishing is pretty good right now on Lake Fork. I’ve been looking forward to this time since the last major wave of spawning fish. Big schools of fish are on predictable offshore spots, and some big fish are showing up too. I’m running several spots each day, until I find active schools that have pulled up to feed. Many of the spots I fish, I will idle by and see if the fish are active and catchable. Others, I fish before I graph them. Some areas tend to hold schools while others hold individual fish which tend to be bigger. I prefer to go ahead and fish a spot where I’ve caught bigger fish than looking at it on the graph first.
To target big fish I throw several baits depending on conditions and position of the fish. I love to throw a Santone jig or a carolina rig this time of year. On the end of my c-rig I experiment with a few baits (big worms, brush hogs, and senko type worms). I’ll fish a Texas rig worm in certain areas with heavy cover as well. The “magic depth” varies from day to day and each end of the lake. It could be 30’ on the lower end and 12’ further up the lake, for instance.
This is also one of my favorite times to target fish after dark. I believe a good number of fish here feed mostly at night because of the pressure. Night fishing can be a little more inconsistent than fishing in the day. However, big fish are more easily fooled in the dark. If I go out to night fish I’m going for big fish, so I target areas with big fish type structure with a bait proven to catch big ones. Big Texas rigged plastics and jigs are about all you need. It’s also nice having the lake all to yourself, rarely seeing another bass fisherman.
These are from the past few days. I was alone on the night trip. Lake Fork Marina has a good selection of Santone jigs so go check them out. As most of you know, I’m using the jig rod (I talked about so much this winter for jig fishing) for carolina rigging, football jigs, and Texas rigged worms. Its the 874 from Reel Time Rods. Its just right for Fork; the sensitivity needed to finesse baits through roots and the back bone to get big fish up and at em!


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